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Travel buddy: A guide to staycation ideas and activities


There are many cost-effective activities for you to enjoy. Visit a local park and enjoy the refreshing air, and have a light snack outdoors. Hit the spa once in a while and allow your mind and body to relax. Why not go on a road trip and treat yourself to a comfortable lodging.

Who doesn't like a good holiday? According to Travel Agent Central's blog, 73% of the population who go on vacation feel much happier after their break. You may notice that after a good holiday, you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and comparatively healthier — all ready to tackle the upcoming routine stress. Fortunately, a vacation doesn't entail you spending copious amounts of money. You can easily arrange a staycation for yourself, and here's how you do this:

1. Go to the park
Most of us get caught up with work and other duties that leave us with no time to visit recreational spots. However, a visit to the park would – at least on weekends — will bring calmness for the entire week. A change of scenery and fresh air is vital for your health. You can even hike a new trail or take your bike out for a long ride. Ensure to keep your phone switched off and try to assert yourself in your present situation. You can even relax by enjoying a picnic with your family and take pictures to preserve the memories. 

2. Visit the spa
The spa is the ultimate relaxation therapy. Not only do the spa tenants take care of you, but they make you feel emotionally and physically composed. There are various options for you to choose from, such as getting a facial or a deep tissue massage. It's a great way to relax and break out from the hustles of life and feel your body absorb the soothing presence. You can even go to the spa with your partner or friends and make it into a fun activity. 

3. Go out of town
There is so much you can do with your car. A road trip is an ideal staycation. It's a good idea to head out with family or friends, and you can spend a day or two away from the city. What makes the road trip even better are relaxation facilities such as Condos in Pigeon Forge TN. Especially if you're in Tennessee to help you settle in while you start your vacation, book yourself a spot online or in-person. Always make sure you make the necessary preparations beforehand to relax, or your vacation ends up becoming a tedious endeavor instead.   

4. Visit historical sites
Your hometown may hold more than what meets the eye. Whether you choose to travel out of town or stay in the city, visit the historical sites every weekend with a tourist group or friends. These can be old buildings and monuments, and see if you can find a tour guide to help you in this endeavor. Not only will you learn, but exploration also makes for an excellent vacation idea and connects you more to your town. 

5. Take an art class
Your staycation should include a creative output. Remember that there are many ways to relax, and engaging your mind also helps you attain that. Your art doesn't need to have a proper structure; it can be abstract such as painting or coloring. You can make it a family fun activity and include your children and adults as well. Some art classes allow for wine pairing so you can enjoy a good drink and let your creative juices flow.

6. Visit a museum
Learning can also make a good vacation. If you like art and the soothing environment of a museum. Why not give them a visit. You can find many museums that children may enjoy, such as history and science and many interactive exhibits. You can pick up souvenirs and even try an old-school method of making a scrapbook. You may even find yourself feeling better if you try engaging in hobbies and discover new activities outside of work. 

7. Visit a lake
Water is naturally soothing to be around. That makes lakes a great staycation. You can easily procure a cabin for the weekend or rent out a kayak. There are also many activities for you to do such as fishing and even swimming. You can also enjoy a toasty bonfire at the end of the day and let the lake's atmosphere entice you. You can even take it a step further and set a sports event for your friends and family. You may feel healthier and much more energetic and find yourself enjoying the time with your family.

8. Explore wineries
There is so much about drinking wine that you can enjoy. There are many places to enjoy the wine-making process. Not only do you learn about the entire wine-making process, but you also get to taste, smell and even identify the flavor palettes of incredible wine. Wind down with a glass of wine and enjoy a stroll around the winery. If your partner comes along, share a drink with them and enjoy a light-hearted conversation about what you learned. 

9. Go hiking
Nature is packing with activities for you to enjoy. Even if you can't afford a lavish trip, you can always have fun with natural sites. All you need is your hiking boots and specific necessities such as a water bottle, and you're ready for a hiking trip. Walking through the outdoor trails, you'll enjoy the surrounding greenies and discover picturesque locations. The best part is you can choose your hiking trail and don't have to go down an extensive pathway if you don't want to. If you wish to stay longer, you should try to do so. With your friends and family, set a campsite and enjoy nature with a cup of warm cocoa and toasty marshmallows. 

There are many cost-effective activities for you to enjoy. Visit a local park and enjoy the refreshing air, and have a light snack outdoors. Hit the spa once in a while and allow your mind and body to relax. Why not go on a road trip and treat yourself to a comfortable lodging. You can even take on an art class or visit a historical site or a museum. Engage your senses with a visit to the winery. You can even have a good weekend either visiting a lake or going hiking. With so much to do on a budget, why not start your staycation today?

Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

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