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Travel guide: Things to know before visiting Cuba


Before visiting Cuba, you should learn about some essential things. With this knowledge, you can avoid possible troubles in your journey.

Cuba is famous for several reasons, such as the culture, the beach, the landscape, the food, the music, etc. No doubt, Cuba has lots of things to see. Unfortunately, first-timers may find it difficult to explore this beautiful place. The monetary system, lack of reliable internet connection, and double currency can increase complications in your life.

If you are planning to visit Cuba, make sure to get a visa to visit this country. Feel free to apply for Cuba VISA online to save your time. Before visiting Cuba, you should learn about some essential things. With this knowledge, you can avoid possible troubles in your journey.

Understand the difference between Pesos Cubanos and CUC
Cuba visitors find it confusing to understand the currency. There are two official currencies to use in Cuba. Foreigners can use CUC or Pesos Cubanos. Remember, CUC means Peso Cubano Convertible. It is referred to as CUP and Cubans use it for their daily purchases. 

You will find maximum prices in Cuba in Pesos Cubanos. In tourist restaurants, you can get quotes in CUC/USD. Moreover, a similar facility is available with tour operators, guest houses, hotels, long-distance taxi drivers, etc. Make sure to move with the conversion of at least 25 Pesos Cubanos and 1 CUC. It is possible to get a cheese and ham sandwich for 10 Pesos Cubanons (40 cents of 1 dollar).

To make things easy, CUC can cover your purchases in resorts, hotels, tourist attractions, and restaurants. Similarly, the CUP is for locals. Tourists may need CUP to buy bust tickets, make purchases at a flea market, and food stalls and street vendors. Moreover, you will need CUP to make purchases at convenience marts and local bodegas. 

Currency exchange system
It is not possible to exchange the currency of your homeland for Cuban currency before your trip. You can exchange your money after landing on this island. Feel free to exchange currency for CUC at CADECA, resorts, hotels, airports, and banks. To exchange currency, you have to pay a 10% fee along with 3% bank charges. As a result, 1 USD will give you 0.87 CUC. 

Get special license
Sometimes, you will need a license to visit Cuba for a specific reason, such as professional reasons, family visits, journalism, cultural or religious programs, and benevolent projects. To avoid legal complications, you must have a legitimate reason to visit this country.

Avoid scams
Scammers are everywhere around the world, but you can’t spoil your trip just because of them. It is not good to doubt every local person around you. Numerous locals may dress up in traditional clothes for tourists and charge for photographs. 

Remember, they are doing their job, so give them at least 1 CUC. You can’t mix scammers with local people. Stay vigilant to identify possible scammers in a crowd. For instance, if a person asks your details, stay away from him/her.

In Cuba, hotels are overpriced; therefore, try to find an economical deal with advance booking. Avoid talking about communism, Fidel Castro, and Che Guevara because these are sensitive issues in Cuba.

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