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Travel tech gadgets you need


Here are some choice items we love.

Over the years, technological advancements have made our lives increasingly easier to lead and changed how we travel. These days, technological breakthroughs, such as biometric technology, have ensured safer ways of traveling while we continue to protect our borders. Depending on how you interact with technology, you might even have a different technological age than your biological one. Find out your technological age with ExpressVPN’s quiz now; you might just be surprised. 

Now that most countries have lifted travel restrictions, it’s time for us to dust-off our suitcases and book that much-needed holiday we’ve all been waiting for. Working remotely could be an option for some of us, which means lugging around different types of technological gadgets such as laptops, chargers, and more. 

However, if you’re not working remotely, there are still gadgets you could take with you on your travels that could make life that much easier. Here are some choice items we love. 

1. A smart suitcase
These days, smart suitcases can include a built-in electronic scale, USB charger, and smart locks. While pricier than traditional luggage bags, these suitcases could be worth the money, given their convenience. After all, we’re all aware of the stress of an overweight bag at the check-in counter. 

The Arlo Skye Aluminum Carry-on, for example, is a lightweight carry-on bag that has a built-in charger, anti-microbial lining, and no outside zippers. This suitcase has code-protected locks instead of traditional dial locks to prevent thieves from accessing your belongings quickly.

Before purchasing, it’s worth checking that the airline you’re flying with accepts smart suitcases

2. Portable Wi-Fi hotspots
In this day and age, staying connected is of utmost importance, so most people love tapping onto public Wi-Fi networks whenever they travel. While it’s convenient to do that, it’s not always safe. Public Wi-Fi hotspots could harbor potential dangers such as cybercriminals and malware messages because of a lack of security. The next time you’re planning using public Wi-Fi hotspots, make sure you use a VPN that encrypts your connection and prevents malicious third parties from accessing your precious data. 

If you’re constantly traveling, investing in a portable Wi-Fi hotspot with a fast and secure Wi-Fi connection might be worth it. Knowing that you have control over your connection should give you better peace of mind. Several airports worldwide and various companies provide portable Wi-Fi hotspots for rent, which is also convenient. 

3. Fingerprint lock 
If you’re looking for a lock that protects your belongings and takes the hassle out of memorizing key codes, you might want to consider getting one that’s fingerprint enabled. Unlike conventional locks, fingerprint locks provide maximum security and make it harder for thieves to steal your belongings. 

Many brands make affordable fingerprint locks that are TSA-approved. Get them on sites like Amazon or any reputable travel accessories store. 

4. Portable charger
While most of our smartphones and other gadgets have better battery lives now, it’s still worthwhile to carry a sturdy portable charger that can provide juice in an emergency. 

Opt for portable chargers with inbuilt wires for lightning, USB types C and Mini-B connection. You no longer have to port around various cables while traveling. Alternatively, get one that’s wireless charging enabled if your smartphone and other devices are equipped with the technology. 

5. Smart water bottle
Did you know? The cost of bottled water while traveling often adds up, and while most countries have tap water that’s safe to drink, not many travelers enjoy doing that. If you’re concerned about drinking tap water in foreign countries, getting a smart water bottle that purifies water might be wise.

Brands like LARQ and Auron produce portable and rechargeable bottles that self-clean and purify water. With these bottles, you’ll be doing your part for the environment by reducing plastic waste, too. 

6. Action camera 
Now that you’ve booked your flights and planned out a fun itinerary for your trip, make sure to document the journey with a sturdy action camera. Brands like GoPro, Insta360, and DJI manufacture action cameras strong enough to handle bumps on the road while capturing the important moments of your trip. 

You’re almost all set! Before you travel, always check your belongings and arrive a few hours earlier at the airport, as some countries might still have lengthy check-in procedures due to various pandemic measures. 

Photo by Kenny Leys on Unsplash

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