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Travelex launches new concept stores at Schiphol


Two new foreign exchange bureaux represent future of consumer FX.


AMSTERDAM – Travelex, a market leading foreign exchange brand, is writing the next chapter in consumer foreign exchange with the development of two new concept stores at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

The stores – the first of which has just opened before security control (landside), and the second of which will open in December 2021 after security control (airside) - offers customers a more accessible, streamlined and refined customer experience based on changing consumer demands and habits.

At the heart of the concept bureaux is a completely redesigned ‘open store’ layout, which takes the best aspects of Travelex’s self-service and manned stores and combines them, thereby introducing a new form of interaction between customer and bureau.

The concept stores will see more ATMs available than traditional bureaux; equipped with more currencies than ever before, these ATMs will enable customers to access a wider range of currencies in less time - and with less physical interaction - than previously possible. By developing more self-service facilities, Travelex aims to both alleviate post-pandemic consumer concerns and free up more time for customers to enjoy alternative airport retail experiences.

For those customers requiring manned services, the glass between the customer and agent desk has been removed to afford a more engaging, warmer experience. Other services, such as tax refunds or ATM pre-book click and collect services, will also be rolled out in the future.

The launch of the two concept stores comes as Travelex prepares to increase its footprint across Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. From January 2022 Travelex, which previously had five stores at the airport, will be the exclusive foreign exchange partner at Schiphol; in addition to the two concept stores, Travelex will also be opening a third traditional store (taking the Schiphol bureaux portfolio to eight) as well as launching new ATMs airport-wide.

Leonard Stolk, CEO Travelex Europe, said: “We believe that the open store philosophy – combining welcoming, manned desks with as many self-service elements as possible – is the future of the consumer foreign exchange experience. We are delighted to be launching these concept stores at Schiphol airport and are looking forward to rolling out similar stores across our wider international markets in the future.”

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