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Traveling to Canada - should you go urban or rural?


Canada is full of amazing experiences from astonishing cities to breathtaking natural landscapes and wonders. Ideally, visiting both sides of the country would be just perfect. However, due to the vast size of Canada, only so much can be done and visited when the period of travel is limited.

Traveling is the way to escape and relax for millions of people around the world. Yet, everyone has different tastes and gladly, our planet earth offers an extremely diverse variety of travel destinations for us to choose from. Amid such a wide range of options, coming to the decision might be quite difficult. Happily, some countries offer diversity within themselves. Whether you admire exquisite rural landscapes or thriving urban areas, such nations have it all! 

Canada is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, breathtaking places in the entire wide world. This vast nation is located on the North American continent, covering the area of almost 10 million square kilometers. Despite being one of the largest countries on earth, it only has a population of fewer than 40 million inhabitants. Therefore, the country is not densely populated at all with hundreds of thousands of square kilometers without a single soul residing. Thanks to this characteristic of Canada, it has vast untouched unique territories with wildlife and astonishing scenarios. 

The vast majority of the Canadian population is clustered in the south of the nation, close to the border with the United States. This is caused by the importance of proximity to the major US cities like New York, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, and others. Canadian urban areas benefit from their strategic location close to the American economic powerhouses. On the other hand, is located in the very north of the continent, Canada has a severely cold climate. Naturally, the further north you go, the colder it gets.   

As a result, the country provides a great natural divide. Visitors of Canada can find themselves in the middle of a buzzing metropolis or in a natural park after a short drive.  This wide variety of options is what attracts millions of visitors every year from all around the world. The vast majority of them come from the neighboring United States whilst millions arrive from Europe, Asia, and other parts of the globe. 

But what specifically is there to see in Canada? This extremely developed country does not seem very appealing to many people due to the lack of information. This nation does not have an Eiffel tower or Big Ben to appear on the promotional banners. Nevertheless, it has something more than that. We will explore what is there to see and whether urban or rural travel is more suitable to you. 

Urban adventures in Canada - which cities are worth visiting? 
Canada is home to some of the most exciting cities on the continent. This country of 40 million people is full of major urban areas packed with all kinds of things to do. As mentioned earlier in the article, the vast majority of those are concentrated in the south of the country, creating a “belt” of cities. 

Toronto is the biggest city and Canada and one of the most significant financial, economic, cultural, and social hubs in the world. The city has almost 3 million residents within its urban limits whilst the metropolitan area is home to over 6 million. The metropolis offers exquisite views over the harbor and features a dazzling skyline with tens of supertall skyscrapers. 

Toronto is also the center of the Canadian entertainment industry. Notably, it is home to numerous major gambling venues, such as casino Woodbine that are famous globally. Blackjack is particularly popular in Canada and that is the reason why so many venues specialize in this particular area. Yet, due to the high digitalization rate in the country, Canada blackjack online games are becoming more popular than visiting the physical venue. 

Yet, Toronto is not the only place packed with amazing casinos. The best and the most famous casino in the country is Casino Niagara. Yes, you are right, it is located just around the gigantic Niagara Falls. This unique location gives it a special feel. Worth saying is that the venue is located just under 130km away from central Toronto. Other notable ones are located in Quebec, Montreal and Edmonton. 

For those who love extreme sports or the rush of adrenaline, this amazing city offers something unique. CN tower located in the heart of the city is visible from practically every part of Toronto. The broadcasting tower stands at 553 meters of height, being one of the tallest structures in the Western Hemisphere. Nowadays, it accommodates numerous restaurants, cafes, and observatory. The latter offers views over the entire city and is simply spectacular. Yet, the biggest attraction of the CN tower is its extreme experience of leaning out of the observation deck, standing freely at over 400 meters. This is considered one of the best of such experiences globally. 

Being a major cultural and educational center, Toronto also offers numerous museums, libraries, and art galleries within its city limits. The Royal Ontario Museum has an exquisite permanent collection with many temporary exhibitions offered each and every week. Art Gallery in Ontario is another not-to-miss spot when in Toronto with amazing exhibits. The latter is known to be renovated by renowned Architect Frank Gehry who has designed hundreds of buildings all around the world. 

The Ripley’s Aquarium, Casa Loma, and many other famous landmarks will be there when you visit. Yet, the cultural and culinary scene of Toronto is one other thing that should not be missed during your visit. The city features hundreds of high-end fine dining restaurants along with a number of unique cafes and other facilities. This cultural hotspot is known for its theaters and pop-up exhibitions or shows. Therefore, whenever you are in Toronto, make sure to check out events around the city. 

Other cities in Canada are equally amazing and worth a visit. The only issue that one can face is the distance between them. Despite practically every major city being aligned in the south of the country, the distance between them is still extremely high. Quebec City is known for its beautiful architecture originating from the other side of the Atlantic. It is often dubbed the most European city in North America, and this is not without a reason. Vancouver is another not-to-miss destination offering unique cultural experiences of a truly French-speaking part of the country. 

Rural Canada - highlights of this natural reserve
Spanning across millions of square kilometers, Canada is home to some of the most unique, exquisite, and breathtaking natural wonders in the world. Practically the entire northern part of the country is untouched by humans. Wildlife creatures and amazing flora are present everywhere you go. Yet, here are some of the highlights from the rural adventures of this amazing nation. 

The province of Alberta in the west of the country is known for being one of the greenest and most beautiful parts of the country. Just like the rest of Canada, it features a number of beautiful national parks that preserve unique examples of flora and fauna. The Banff national park is probably the most significant not only in Alberta or Canada but also within the entire world. It is the oldest of such protected areas in Canada, dating back to 1885. The park covers 6641 acres and is home to the Canadian Rockies. The town of Banff, the source of the name of the park, is the highest inhabited settlement in the country. The park is also home to unique species of flora and fauna, along with hundreds of glaciers and the caves’ system. 

2,774,500 acres in the area, the Jasper national park is the largest amongst those in the Rockies. It is also one of the oldest national parks in Canada, established back in 1907. The latter is the world heritage site, famous for its alpine meadows and deep valleys. Moreover, it is home to vast forests, lakes, and mountains. 

Canada is home to hundreds of protected areas with different and unique features. Therefore, one can easily find whatever they are looking for. The southern parks tend to be warmer with more swimming opportunities whilst the northern ones offer completely unique mountain experiences. 

So, should I go to rural or urban Canada? 
The answer obviously is not universal or unique. This country is full of amazing experiences from astonishing cities to breathtaking natural landscapes and wonders. Ideally, visiting both sides of the country would be just perfect. However, due to the vast size of Canada, only so much can be done and visited when the period of travel is limited. Therefore, try to evaluate what you want to see more and how much time, money and energy you can spend. Traveling from part of Canada to another whilst trying to enjoy the trip can be rather challenging. Yet, whatever you decide to do there, this country will surely not leave you disappointed.

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