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Traveling to the UK? Simple ways to get faster internet connectivity while traveling


It is essential to ensure you have an internet connection during your journey. You may ensure that you remain connected, from getting a SIM card to pacing to seek signal strength in your room.

Are you tired of dealing with terribly slow and unreliable Internet on the road? You are not the only one. It frequently feels like an ongoing battle, waiting for load pages or apps, wasting your holiday time looking at a blank screen instead of a gorgeous beach.

So we have compiled a whole host of recommendations to make the most out of the small data streaming into your computer or smartphone. Some speed up the terrible connection, while some assist you make better use of the small bandwidth you have. They are handy, anyway. Face it, the sooner you get things done online, the sooner you go out and enjoy the valid reason you're visiting.

Local internet options
You are often in the following circumstances as a digital nomad: You arrive at the airport of a new city where you would like to stay for a few weeks or months and want a place to stay. This allows you to also search for areas with a decent Wi-Fi connection. These are the usual options:

Internet in your hotel
Fortunately for its guests, many hotels, and rental apartments offer (free) internet access. In the best situation, this connection covers your private and business data volume requirements. But the Internet often isn't going to be that good enough. Therefore, before signing a contract for the next few months, you should evaluate the quality.

They have the best deals and an added review portion for the quality of any hotel or hostel's internet connection. Precisely what a digital nomad you need! If prior guests rated it poorly, avoid the place. The same applies to reviews by Airbnb. Check what other online guests say.

You may also travel directly to the place and check if a good internet connection is available by doing a speed test. Use free services like Speedtest to see how quick wireless access is, how fast the upload and download is. Of course, you could wish to avoid it and look for something else if you receive inferior results and there is no other way to access the Internet there.

Cafes, restaurants, and public areas
Many cafés and eateries now provide their guests with free Wi-Fi. Some towns even have free or cheap Internet in some public locations in the centre.

Websites such as Work From are valuable tools to find fantastic internet sites abroad. You type in the town you stay in, and it offers you the best wireless Internet connection, such as coffee shops, pubs, libraries, etc. In addition, you can filter your results and search for locations that serve, for instance, booze or food, quieter, outdoor, or group places.

Coworking spaces
The benefits and advantages of coworking spaces are enormous. These shared offices feature the most excellent wireless Internet connection in the city, whether you like it or not. In most circumstances, at least. Of course, you must pay to use it, but receive a pleasant workspace and a stable and fast internet.

Purchase a SIM card
That depends on where you go. SIM purchase is by far the most effective technique to cope with connectivity problems. Before you leave you can get the SIM card from local broadband providers or buy one when you reach your location.

You can then access your device or laptop data with your new SIM card. Note that only unlocked devices will function. Therefore, find out from your carrier before you go out if yours is unlocked. If not, they will help you to open it if you can.

The unlocked gadget will work with any SIM Card. So you might want to think about getting one if you cannot unlock yours. You may then access your host country's fastest speeds and stream your favourite stuff. You can also communicate back home with your loved ones.

Wireless external card
Are you among the crowds of people traveling on Wi-Fi? If your response is yes, then weak connections and slow Internet have been encountered. In addition, the access point may not be available to you, and you need to walk to acquire some.

Purchase a quality external wireless card if you are using your laptop. Get one with powerful transmitters and perfect antennas more widely than your pc. This will enable you to access stronger, more connections.

A wired connection use
A hotel in the city centre, numerous wireless networks, and hundreds of people in each. This typically leads to very slow speed for all. Hence opting for a wired connection which provides a more reliable connection is recommended.

Use mobile hotspots
A mobile hotspot is a standalone device connecting to a cellular network for data and creating a locally connected Wi-Fi hotspot.

This allows you to get all your devices online (hot if you travel with numerous people!), so you don't have to bother about opening up your phone. Some even have 4G speeds, so you will also enjoy breakneck speeds.

This may be the easiest way to get online when you travel. The downside of all this is that a mobile hotspot is usually far more expensive to connect to a single device than other solutions and does not offer the ability to voice or text — just data. It is recommended to check your company first to see if they provide data roaming options for your telephone because they typically operate cheaper if budget is a problem.

But when you want data and easy-to-use and have numerous devices you want to connect to (for example, when you are traveling as a couple or family), this can be an affordable and easy-to-use choice.

If an Ethernet connector and your laptop have a network socket, you can attempt to organize a cable and obtain a wired internet connection. This is a reasonably safe approach to reach the Internet abroad faster.

Plug into your laptop through USB and enjoy an additional set of wireless networks in the configuration. This should address your network problems effectively.

Final words
It is essential to ensure you have an internet connection during your journey. You may ensure that you remain connected, from getting a SIM card to pacing to seek signal strength in your room. Do not forget to include in your vacation planning a reliable VPN.

Photo by Franck on Unsplash

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