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Traveller Made pioneers first ever virtual global Luxury Travel Show


Traveller Made, an international network of luxury travel designers, hosted a virtual Essence of Luxury Travel 2020 Show at the end of March, the first ever global luxury travel event of its kind, facilitating nearly 10,500 virtual travel meetings to take place despite the COVID-19 crisis.

Originally scheduled to take place in Marbella, the show’s format was changed to enable 420 members and partners from leading luxury travel players such as Aman Resorts, Oetker Collection, Cheval-Blanc, One and Only Resorts, The Peninsula Hotels, Belmond, Aqua  Expeditions, Titilaka and SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute to attend meetings from 23rd – 27th March 2020 with media and buyers.

The Essence of Luxury Travel Show is an annual event organised by Traveller Made and their best-in-class providers. Each year, the show brings together the flagship of the world's luxury travel to discuss synergies and bridges between major players in the luxury industry. The event is designed to explore the ideas and inspirations of each partner in order to highlight the trends of the year and propose a forward-looking view of the sector.

In just two weeks, Traveller Made completely overhauled its platform and designed an internal algorithm that took into account the variables selected by members and partners, such as preferences, priorities, schedules and time zones, thus creating virtual one-on-one meetings via the Zoom platform. The online solution, which was a first in the luxury trade sector, allowed delegates who had confirmed their attendance at the 2020 show to meet suppliers virtually to nurture exchanges and discuss new concepts and models.

Quentin Desurmont, Traveller Made's President, explained: "The travel industry is in crisis right now and so while we took the sensible decision to postpone our main event until next year, the virtual platform allowed us to engage with our trade partners and bring the community together. This unprecedented and agile approach in the sector has made it possible to bring together an impressive number of meetings."

The following virtual appointments that were to be unveiled during the physical show will also take place, with dates released soon on the Traveller Made website.

Revelation of the results of the Annual Barometer "2020 Traveller Made Yearly Luxury Barometer" 
Conference: presenting 2020 trends in the world of luxury tourism and forward-looking lighting of the sector Revelation of the results of a brand-new academic research, in the field of luxury travel, launched by a research firm commissioned by Traveller Made

The seventh edition of the Essence of Luxury Travel Show  is due to take place in Marbella from 15th – 19th March 2021.

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