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Traveller tips: How to avoid additional baggage costs


Planning a trip can be challenging. It is challenging to decide what to tend to first, where to begin planning, what activities to expect during the trip, what specific considerations should one contemplate, and a lot more to the point that it can sometimes be overwhelming.

Our world has various aspects. Each country differs from the other. Each is unique in its ways– may it be its culture, traditions and beliefs and practices.

As one travels from one place to another, one unfolds a story untold and learns something new about the place. You open one’s sight to the gifts nature bestowed special and solely to each place or country. More so, your taste buds are introduced and satiated to the delicious cuisines that are notable and outstanding.

Travelling gives a lot of benefits to one’s self. It is a way of developing oneself through the travelling experiences one encounters. In travelling, one can meet many new people of different nationalities and experience different cultures and traditions. Moreover, it is a way that can help de-stress and refresh one’s mind from the stress of an individual’s responsibilities and obligations. 

However, in travelling, there are essential considerations a traveller needs to contemplate. It is necessary that before travelling, the excited traveller needs to research the travel destination and what activities would be best and is feasible in that certain destination. It is also best to explore the ATM booths accessible and convenient while one is travelling. But with all the important considerations a traveller needs to think over prior to traveling. There is also an important aspect that one needs to consider: how to avoid additional baggage costs. What should you do?

When planning for a trip, the ultimate concern for a traveller is the budget and the necessary expenses needed to have that smooth sailing, memorable trip. This is why most travellers would always consider the things that would help avoid unnecessary baggage fees to be able to save more for the trip itself. Aside from that, you can easily drop off your laundry at a laundromat near the hotel. 

How to avoid additional baggage costs?

1. Read airline guidelines
As soon as one gets to book one’s flight, it is essential to carefully check its baggage policy guidelines. This policy varies from airline to airline, destination, bag weight and size, and other things, so one must be careful and mindful when reading the baggage policy as one book a flight. 

Most airlines charge per kilogram on the excess weight of the baggage at the airport. But prices differ and depend on several factors such as the destination, the class and a lot more. 

2. Pack smartly
Everyone would want to look great and have that impressive get up during their trip, which is why as much as possible, they would want to pack as many clothes, shoes and accessories they could for their journey. 

Everyone would like to be as prepared as they can on their trip, which is why they would want to pack as much necessity as they can. But this should not be the case. It’s important to keep in mind that you should only pack useful items.

To avoid excess baggage weight charges, it is important to pack wisely. One should bring clothes that would match other outfit options to clear up quite a space in one’s luggage. Whether the trip is a week-long stay or more, it is preferable to bring enough clothing and just find a laundromat near the hotel one is staying at. 

In terms of necessities, it would be much more convenient only to pack the important ones that are likely to be challenging to find at other places or countries, such as prescribed medications, hygiene kits, and many more.  You can purchase liquid detergents and disposables upon arrival at the airport or to the nearest supermarket or convenience store from the hotel one is staying.

3. Checking the weather forecast
Knowing what likely is the climate or the weather in one’s travel destination is a big help in packing, thus would also help to avoid additional fees with one’s baggage at the airport. 

One of the advantages of knowing the weather at one’s destination is that one is able to plan out the appropriate outfits to pack and bring during the trip. Suppose the weather at the destination is said to be sunny and humid. In that case, it is not anymore necessary to pack winter clothes or thick scarves for their trip, if it would seem to rain or to be a cold climate during one’s travel. It is much better to pack with their sweaters and coats and leave the tank tops and sleeveless blouses at home. 

Moreover, to steer clear of additional fees, wearing the bulkiest or the heaviest clothes or shoes on the plane is helpful. 

4. Choose the suitcase carefully
This is usually the aspect that tends to be left out of consideration during the preparation and the packing. It is important to consider what kind of suitcase to use, that being the case, it is vital to consider using a lightweight bag in packing one’s things for a trip since the suitcase’s weight is added to the final weight of the suitcase the luggage. One way or another, it could help to avoid excess baggage weight and unnecessary charges. 

5. Do laundry
Planning and attempting to pack clothes and use them once during a trip would tend to overpack and be charged with the excess baggage weight. This is what we certainly would like to avoid. 

One way to pack less and avoid all the unnecessary fees from the excess baggage is to do laundry or to find a laundry service near you during the trip. In this way, one can just pack lightly and wear clothes repeatedly during the trip.

Final thoughts
Planning a trip can be challenging. It is challenging to decide what to tend to first, where to begin planning, what activities to expect during the trip, what specific considerations should one contemplate, and a lot more to the point that it can sometimes be overwhelming. 

These considerations are essential and should be properly reckoned and weighed up. With these considerations, not only would it aid in having that positive, stress-free travel experience, it would also help cut back the trip’s budget and help seize that hassle-free, smooth sailing travel.

Photo by Bambi Corro on Unsplash

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