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Travelling through Europe, starting from The Netherlands: Car rental is a key transport mode


Cities to explore for an amazing experience.

Amsterdam is a fantastic destination to begin your European vacation. Its location makes it easy to go to other major places such as France (Paris), Italy (Rome), Spain (Barcelona), and even the United Kingdom (London). Car Rental Netherlands is one of the best options to travel economically. Rent a car at Eindhoven airport and explore the unexplored around the city.

Cities to explore for an amazing experience

Leiden, Netherlands
The city of Leiden is breathtakingly beautiful any time of the year. Whether it is in the spring when the tulips are flourishing, in the summer when festivals are in full swing, in the fall when the leaves of the trees filling the streets are changing colour, or in the cold season when snow blankets the rooftops. The ancient and the modern collide in this small, lively city, which is home to the country's oldest university and is tucked in the hustle and bustle of modern life. You can drive to one of the many museums in Leiden and discover more about natural history, windmills, and even Ancient Greece with rent a car Eindhoven airport.  

Keukenhof Gardens, Lisse
Take the A4 from Amsterdam for a 40-minute drive to see Lisse's nurtured beauty. Despite its tiny size, Lisse is well worth the trip from Amsterdam and has lots to offer visitors. The primary appeal in Lisse is the Keukenhof Gardens, which receives over 800,000 tourists each year. This tulip-filled sanctuary, which goes back to 1594 claims to be the world's best flower garden. It spans 70 acres of woodland settings, filled with ponds, pavilion greenhouse exhibits, and a windmill. Annually, the garden's seven million flower bulbs burst into bloom, beginning in March and finishing in May. The 17th-century Keukenhof Castle looms imposingly, hosting different kinds of local events throughout the year, including fairs and concerts.

Bruges, Belgium
Bruges in Belgium is a must-see for anyone fascinated by medieval history. The city's architecture has been preserved to a great extent, providing visitors with a good idea of what life was like in that era. Apart from providing visitors with a gorgeous colossal landmark to admire both inside and out, the Church of Our Lady has Michelangelo's Madonna and Anthony van Dyck's Crucifixion. Similarly, the Belfry of Bruges is an imposingly great illustration of medieval architecture, and because the city still employs a full-time carillonneur, visitors get to hear the bells for free. There are countless other structures to see in Bruges, but that's not all. Several theatres and museums are open all year, and the plethora of music festivals that Bruges hosts every year bring life to the city. 

Madurodam, The Hague
Situated in the Scheveningen district of the ancient town of The Hague - an hour from Amsterdam by car via the A4 and A44 highways - the miniature park of Madurodam is a unique experience for tourists. This 1:25 scale model of the city allows visitors to see all of the city's architecture in a little space. Madurodam was built in the 1950s to help pay for the medical care of ailing children in the neighbourhood. Storybook Land in Disneyland in 1956 and Disneyland Paris in 1994 were both influenced by the tiny park. The extraordinary attention to detail that went into creating the many landmarks, historical buildings, canals, and mansions has attracted tens of millions of tourists since its inception.


Photo by Adrien Olichon on Unsplash

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