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TravelSana launches first line of travel-centric Nutraceuticals


TravelSana, nutraceutical company to develop reliable and fast-acting supplements for travelers, announced the launch of its robust portfolio of nutraceuticals specifically designed for the active traveler. Now, while on the go, everyone from adventurers to business professionals can address common health stresses quickly and effectively to make the most of each trip. Whether traveling around the world or across the country, for work or for pleasure, TravelSana has gone beyond simple cold prevention to develop customized, high potency, and fast-acting natural supplements that are designed specifically to help users stay healthy and operate at their full potential away from home. The company relies upon proven scientific studies to develop the most effective formulas possible, including several exclusive, patented active ingredients. Available in single-serve capsules, powders, and gummies, TravelSana helps keep individuals healthy to ensure performance and enjoyment wherever they are.

TravelSana has developed 12 products that fall under the following five categories:

  • Blood Circulation: Help maintain optimal blood circulation during your journey, increasing health, safety and comfort.
  • Digestion: Alleviate digestion discomfort and nausea amid long-distance travel. 
  • Immune System: Boost your immune system and shorten the time to recover from the flu and common cold, to ensure a safe and healthy trip, no matter the conditions.
  • Energy Booster: Maximize your performance and maintain a high energy level to increase performance and enhance travel time. 
  • Mind: Support mental well-being with products that generate positive emotions, better sleep and relief from jet lag, even in times of stressful travel. 
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