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Travomint announces a fly-now-pay-later (FNPL) payment plan for travel enthusiasts


Travomint is here to help the Avid Travellers with their budget concerns while making a travel plan.

It’s been more than a year of being cooped up indoors in the fear of the deadly Coronavirus that raged across many countries. While people loved and enjoyed spending quality time at home with their families, the urge to travel across is stronger than ever. As soon as countries opened borders after the ferocious wave of Covid-19, people started making travel plans with their family and friends.

Fuelled by the recent travel spike, Travomint has announced a fly-now-pay-later (FNPL) payment plan to give travellers more flexibility as they make up their get-away plans. People are seeking a change from the months of stress, anxiety and inability to go out due to the deadly pandemic. They are heading out to explore beaches, mountains, deserts, resorts, and many places to get a change of space. After spending more than a year staying indoors, scores of travellers are hitting the road and the skies to break this year-long monotony of indoor existence.

Now travellers can book their tickets anytime and pay later with different payment plans available on Travomint. The fly-now-pay-later (FNPL) payment plan introduced by Travomint spreads the cost of flight booking in small payments with minimal interest rate. When you make a booking via credit card, there is a higher interest rate but when you book a flight ticket via Travomint, you don’t have to bear those high interest rates.

"We hear you, you have got to chill and relax, but other expenses to bear. Keeping in view these hard times and its consequences, we at Travomint have made a convenient flight payment installment plan that takes a few minutes to apply. Now you can give yourself enough time to pay for your flight bookings and spread your travel cost using our fly-now-pay-later (FNPL) payment plan," says Alok K Singh, Co-founder and CEO, Travomint.

Especially in difficult times, travellers tend to be price-sensitive and when it comes to travelling, travel seems to be of secondary importance when spending well-earned money. The beauty of FNPL is that travellers will only be asked to pay the deposit on the day of booking and are guaranteed to receive a refund in case of cancellation as the risk sits with FNPL. Furthermore, travellers are at inner peace as FNPL offers not only security but also allows them to guarantee their cash flow.

Steps to make booking via fly-now-pay-later (FNPL) payment plan:
1. Search and choose the flight you want to travel with
2. Enter your details
3. Select the fly-now-pay-later plan options at the payment page
4. Choose either 3 interest free payments or longer term loans

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