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Tripadvisor's community of travelers awards 22 top trending destinations for 2022


Majorca crowned No.1 trending destination in the world in Annual Travelers' Choice. New this Year, seven subcategories of destinations for travelers of every type.

NEEDHAM, MASS. - Tripadvisor announced the first of its highly anticipated, annual community-powered Travelers' Choice Awards for 2022: the Best of the Best Destinations. If 2021 was the year travelers dipped their toes in the water with smaller getaways and outdoors trips, 2022 is shaping up to be the year we return to travel in a big way. Despite new variant surges, data shows that the desire to travel remains stronger than ever. In fact, 71% of Americans in a recent Tripadvisor sponsored survey say they are likely to travel for leisure in 2022. Just as travelers are ramping up on their plans for the year, the 2022 Travelers' Choice list is here to identify the best places to go.

"As the world returns to travel, priorities are changing, and people want more memorable experiences on their trips. Three-quarters (75%) of Americans say that it's important they 'see new places' when thinking about their future travel plans," said Steven Paganelli, Director, Destinations, Hotels and OTAs, Americas at Tripadvisor. "There is a whole world out there to choose from, and we want to help guide travelers looking to take the best trips for them – whatever that perfect vacation may look like. From adventure to R&R, the 2022 Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Awards for Destinations include several subcategories created to reflect the best places to go no matter what type of trip you're after."

What's hot for 2022?
In addition to Tripadvisor's typical Popular and Trending Destinations lists, this year the Awards include the Best of the Best Destinations for Food Lovers, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Skiers, City Lovers and Sun Seekers, offering inspiration for every type of traveler. 

On Tripadvisor's hallmark Popular Destinations list, highlighting the highest-rated and most loved spots around the globe, Dubai has officially dethroned perennial icons like London, Paris and Rome for the crown of the Most Popular Destination in the world for 2022. In the U.S., Las Vegas is No. 1 for travelers this year, taking the crown over another long-time traveler favorite, New York City.

The Tripadvisor community's new favorite place to travel: Trending Destinations are locations around the world seeing the greatest year-over-year growth in reviews and ratings on Tripadvisor – including everywhere from dreamy beaches to places full of architectural wonders. Majorca, Spain is the No. 1 Trending Destination in the world for 2022. This gorgeous island is becoming more than a spring break hot spot. With picturesque seaside coves, children's beaches and grandiose Moorish architecture, younger crowds and families alike are setting their sights on Majorca. And with the neighboring island of Ibiza ranking at No. 6, it looks like Spain is the place to be this year!

In the U.S., the Island of Hawaii – another beach hot spot – is the No. 1 Trending Destination. The natural beauty and ecological features of the island are a draw for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. And it's not the only non-continental place to rank this year, as Talkeetna, Alaska makes its Travelers' Choice debut as the No. 8 Trending Destination in the U.S., a sign that travelers in 2022 have expanded their horizons when looking where to go next.  

Top 10 Trending Destinations in the World for 2022

  • Majorca, Spain
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Rhodes, Greece
  • Tulum, Mexico
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Ibiza, Spain
  • Natal, Brazil
  • Arusha, Tanzania
  • Goreme, Turkey
  • Santorini, Greece

The Best of the Best Destinations for you

  • Food Lovers: Rome takes the top spot for the Best of the Best Destinations for Food Lovers, whetting the appetites of travelers from around the globe with its authentic pasta dishes and can't-miss gelato. Meanwhile (for literally almost every other type of food in the world), America's melting pot New York City, home to roughly 9,000 restaurants, ranks No. 1 in the U.S.
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts: Arenal Volcano National Park in Costa Rica is the Best of the Best Destination for Outdoor Enthusiasts in the world for 2022. One of Costa Rica's top hiking destinations, Arenal Volcano National Park offers a range of trails that wind through wildlife-rich rainforest and old lava flows, all anchored by one of the world's most active volcanoes. In the U.S., Alaska's Denali National Park and Preserve is No. 1. Famous for being the home of Mount McKinley, the enormous park has only one road, making it the perfect backcountry adventure.
  • Skiers: Zermatt, Switzerland has been crowned the No. 1 Best of the Best Destination for Skiers in the world in this inaugural list. Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is travelers' favorite ski area in the town, described as an "Alpine paradise." In the U.S., Jackson, Wyoming is the No. 1 Destination for Skiers in 2022. This Western mountain town is catnip for cross-country, snowcat, and heli- skiers alike.
  • City Lovers: If you're looking for a "Bright Lights, Big City" kind of vibe, you can't miss Dubai, the No. 1 Best of the Best Destination for City Lovers. Known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene, Dubai is the ultimate destination for city lovers. And no surprise in the U.S., everyone's favorite concrete jungle, New York City, reigns as the No. 1 Destination for City Lovers. The tallest buildings, biggest museums, and best pizza - NYC is a city of superlatives. 
  • Sun Seekers: Paradise looks different for everybody. But these sunny destinations are as close to the real deal as you can get. Cancun is the No. 1 Best of the Best Destination for Sun Seekers in the world for 2022. For the many of us in need of a true relaxing vacation, the white sand and neon blue waters of Cancun are travelers' favorite place to enjoy fun in the sun.

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