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UK’s most attractive tourist destinations in Instagram


The three most featured British landmarks on Instagram were the Houses of Parliament (5.7% of images with landmarks), St Paul’s Cathedral (3.5%), and Tower Bridge (3.3%) – all found in London. 

Brexit has reshaped the world's perception of Britain and impacted travel for many. Premier Inn Hotels Limited analyzed 20,000 images from authoritative Britain Instagram accounts to identify which foods and landmarks are featured most often. They then surveyed 1,000+ Americans and Britons to find out how their opinions compare:

  • When it comes to lunch, fish & chips rank #1 on UK tourist Instagrams, while Britons actually eat curry & rice the most (62%)
  • Tower Bridge is the most well-known British landmark, correctly identified by 94% of Britons and 64% of Americans...
  • But Northern Ireland is the place to be - a majority of UK tourist destinations that people really want to visit are in NI, and the Giant’s Causeway came first
  • Despite the proven interest in visiting Northern Ireland, only 3% of landmark images found on the UK tourist board accounts were taken in NI

They were interested to see that the top attractions and foods in Britain as voted by real people aren’t the most photographed on Instagram! Your readers might want to learn how social media perception can affect tourism.

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