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University education and travel hand-in-hand


University and college are great experiences. They are even better if we combine them with our favorite hobbies and activities.

University is a hard obstacle to overcome. Many times, you may need tutoring and additional services and tools at your disposal. For instance, college and university students may have to turn to or for help with their writing assignments. Other times you may have to count on help from older students. But it doesn’t have to be all bad, of course. University and college are great experiences. They are even better if we combine them with our favorite hobbies and activities.

One such example is the instance when we want to travel and study. Travelling opens up new horizons in front of us. It gives us new experiences, new memories, new friends and, who knows, maybe even our future spouse. What is better to do with your youth than open new paths ahead of you whilst learning to change the world, at least around you. But how to do so? Let us take a look at how university education and travel can go hand-in-hand.

Courses with study abroad
If you wish to combine travel and university education, you can go after courses that have mandatory compulsory study abroad. One such example is foreign language education. Geography may also require some time abroad. There are other such courses, as well. Through them, you gain the opportunity to spend at least a semester abroad. In courses like Tourism and International Relationships, you may be given even better opportunities to spend some time in another country as a part of your education. If you carefully select your subject with travel in mind, there are certainly plenty of options.

Students exchange
There are numerous student exchange programs. Such give college and university students chances to study abroad or to do an internship abroad. Through such programs, your university will recognize your time spent abroad when you head back home. You won’t have to pay any tuition in the university in another country. Another plus is that many times you can go after more than one such program and experience even bigger parts of the world. Of course, not all colleges and universities offer such programs, therefore you need to do some research beforehand.

A university abroad
You can also go for an entirely different method of combining travel and university – and that is the university abroad. This will give you the experience of visiting another country and graduating as a top performer. In some cases, this may even prove to be cheaper for you than graduating in your own country. Of course, English is always a must and, in many cases, you may need to also know the native language of that country you are visiting. Some programs give you an entire year's worth of language studies if they accept you. Even this way studying abroad may prove to be much cheaper.

Private language schools
Private language schools are a top-notch way to obtain another language. They boost you from A1 up to the C-levels for quite a short time compared to traditional university and college courses. But they offer one other advantage. That is, they provide you with the opportunity to study and reside abroad for a huge period of time. Sure, this is a bit expensive in the short term, but when we consider long-term expenses, it may prove to be cheaper.

If you have a soft hard for people in need, this is a huge opportunity to both help others and spend some time abroad. Many charity organizations are targeted towards providing aid to people from less fortunate countries. If you participate in such, you may be given the chance to reside abroad for a particular period of time and volunteer for that organization. This path is even better for you if you study humanities or sociology.

Use your vacation
Well, if the other options simply don’t work for you, there is always one more. That is, spend some time traveling during your vacation. Winter vacation can do wonders for short-time trips. For longer periods, you can use your summer vacation. Such opportunities are great for they don’t limit you. 

Want to travel to a city where there is no university to transfer to? Wish to go on a desert trip? Want to climb the mountain in a far-away country? No problems. You can do all of that by simply booking some travel packages or a special prize vacation. This gives you the option to reside in a different country with all the free time on your hands. Mountaineering, kayaking, lying on the beach, surfing the waves, or merely checking out the life of the local villagers – this and a lot more awaits. You can grab plenty of experiences abroad during your next vacation, then go back and ace the semester.

Sure, at first glance you may think that your free time is over when you get into college or university. You may consider it impossible to combine education and traveling. But you know what – that is wrong! When you start pursuing your education, you still have many options laying in front of you. Traveling is still an attainable goal – and we tried to show you how.

Whether you’ll volunteer for a charity organization, go for a hike with friends for the holidays, visit a different country on a student exchange program, or entirely graduate from a foreign university – the world is open. Of course, not all colleges and not all universities offer what we showed here. That is why you need to first do a little research. If you plan on traveling and studying, you’d better make that research before you enroll. Sure, even if you haven’t and you are already in a university but want to do some traveling, that is still attainable. Just take a look around!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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