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Vaccine rollout sparks 2021 holiday hopes


96% said they plan at least one break this year.

Hopeful holidaymakers have been buoyed by the approval and rollout of the Coronavirus vaccine, according to new research by Travel Insurance specialists, Just Travel Cover.

After almost a year of disruption due to Covid-19, research by the North East broker suggests most Brits are eager to get away in 2021, with 96 per cent of those surveyed saying they plan at least one holiday this year - and 70 per cent hoping for two or more breaks.

The survey, which was answered by more than 1,600 British travellers, showed that the overwhelming majority will take the vaccine when they are offered it– and when asked if they would take the vaccine if it became a requirement of international travel, 94 per cent said yes.

Andrew Jackson, managing director of Just Travel Cover said the survey is a positive sign that the market can make a recovery after COVID-19.

He said: “It seems the vaccine has given people a renewed sense of optimism that we will emerge from this crisis very soon. The British public’s love of holidays hasn’t weakened, it is simply on hold – in fact, I think people need a break more than ever and plan to make up for lost time by taking more trips than they usually would, or plan a more luxurious holiday, for example. It’s clear from this research that we can expect a boom when it is safe to travel again”

Just Travel Cover, who specialise in Travel Insurance for over 50s and those with pre-existing medical conditions, also found that people are looking for more from their insurance.

“We know that – as we emerge from the COVID-19 crisis - people’s attitudes towards insurance have changed. More than half of those we surveyed said that being hospitalised abroad was their biggest concern when it comes to travelling, and around two thirds said they would specifically look for enhanced cover for Coronavirus when buying Travel Insurance."

Mr Jackson added “It is important to listen to your customers and adapt to their changing needs – so we’ve worked with insurers to be able to offer enhanced protection when it comes to Coronavirus, as well as providing single trip and annual insurance for travellers of any age and cover for pre-existing conditions."

Just Travel Cover provides Travel Insurance via a panel of insurers as well as through a network of insurance brokers and partners.

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