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VeriFLY by Daon expands capabilities to streamline access to travel documents


New capability enables users access to full travel itineraries and health documents for a seamless, convenient travel experience .

FAIRFAX, VA – Daon, the Digital Identity Trust Company, announced expanded usage of its VeriFLY digital travel app to allow users to save required travel or event documents directly to their digital itinerary, providing one-point access for retrieval. VeriFLY is the world’s first widely adopted digital travel app to help travellers and event attendees quickly and safely meet their destination’s and event’s health and identity requirements.

VeriFLY is the first mobile app service of its kind to support multiple airlines (codeshare, interline) and any number of countries’ travel requirements. It applies health certificates and related documents to multiple travel legs with similar entry/transit requirements. Its newest capability is now available in over 65 countries.

“Daon VeriFLY continues to provide customers with the best user experience while travelling due to its ability to adapt quickly and effectively to the travel industry’s changing requirements,” said Tom Grissen, CEO of Daon. “This new expanded capability removes the added stress of travel restrictions, providing travellers with health document credentials throughout their entire travel journey, including multiple leg trips, outbound and inbound travel, codeshares, interline and more.”

Previously, VeriFLY users could only access necessary documents for point-to-point travel, but this new capability allows customers to use VeriFLY for multi-leg travel, even if there are different airlines within the complete itinerary to help federate across the VeriFLY ecosystem. This creates a seamless user experience more aligned to the airline web and app experience that travellers expect.

VeriFLY gives travellers the benefits of a faster, smoother process – while enabling the carriers to deliver more on-time flights, faster boarding times, less counter transaction time, lower ground handling costs, fewer inadmissible passengers and related fines, better audit trails, all while promoting higher passenger usage of online check-in and self-service.

Travellers worldwide have widely adopted VeriFLY and continue to utilise the mobile app for their ongoing travel experiences. VeriFLY is used by major airlines, cruise lines, hotels, and other businesses, including American Airlines, British Airways, Aer Lingus, Japan Airlines, Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Line, Viking Cruises, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, and many others.

VeriFLY recently reached the milestone of more than 12M travelers serviced, and recently over 1 million Carnival Cruise guests have used VeriFLY for a seamless travel experience.

The VeriFLY travel app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Users can create a secure profile and input flight information, upload crucial travel related documents, and any other essential identity and health documentation.

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