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Volaris announces new Durango - Chicago service

New service marks Volaris' first international incursion from Durango.

MEXICO CITY - Volaris announced new international service between the city of Durango and Chicago's Midway Airport, starting on December 8 with twice a week flights on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

"Our commitment continues to be towards greater connectivity for the state of Durango at the lowest possible fares," said Holger Blankenstein, Volaris Commercial Director. "In fact, this past May 15 we inaugurated Durango as a new Volaris station, and at the time, we unveiled service connecting Durango and Mexico City. Today, we are excited to inform of the launch of the first international operation to be serviced from this important city in Mexico."

The executive added, "our goal is for everyone to travel and for Durango residents to have the possibility of visiting family and friends in the US at clean fares."

Measures as the above help strengthen Volaris' position as the Mexican air carrier with the most number of destinations and services to the US. To date, Volaris has transported over 7 million Customers to and from the US market, a number that continues to grow as a result of more than 230 flights operated by the carrier in September alone.

Durango State Governor, Jorge Herrera Caldera expressed his satisfaction over the new service, and Volaris' effort to strengthen connectivity in Durango underscoring that the new flight to Chicago confirms the growth and touristic appeal that this important state in northern Mexico is generating.

For those interested in the new Durango-Chicago (Midway) service, flight schedules, including dates and times of operation, are announced as follows:
  • Durango, Durango – Chicago (Midway), Illinois (Effective December 8, Tuesdays and Saturdays)
  • Departs Durango, Durango at 7:04 hrs., arrives Chicago, Illinois at 10:45 hrs.
  • Departs Chicago, Illinois at 12:05 hrs., arrives Durango, Durango at 16:22 hrs.
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