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Wakeboarding boats: Best choices to surf in rough water


Wakeboarding in rough water takes a lot of skill, and a few modifications to your wake boat. Here are the best wakeboard boats to surf with in rough waters.

Wakeboarding in rough water is much different than wakeboarding in still water. When the wind speeds, and the flow of water start to get out of control, using a regular wake boat can be hugely difficult.

The best wakeboard boats have different features to enhance wakeboarding in rough water. Adjustments to the hull, trim, length, and weight can help riders create a high-quality surfable wake, but even the boat itself can have a major impact on the rider’s experience.

Interested in wakeboarding despite rough waters? Here are some characteristics your wake boat needs to have, and a few wake boat recommendations.

What makes wake boats good for rough water
First, let’s talk about what makes a wakeboard boat fit for wakeboarding in rough waters.

Use wake plate
Wake plates are a great feature on many wakeboarding boats which can help the boat generate a deeper, more surfable wake. A wake plate, often called a trim tab, is usually placed on the center rear tab of the boat.

Wake plates push the boat’s rear into the water to adjust the angle it touches the water with. The plates drive the stern of the boat deeper, so that the sides of the boat can create a larger and smoother wake.

The hull type
The best hull type for a wakeboarding boat for wakeboarding in rough water is a deep V-shaped hull. This hull will enable a wakeboarding boat to drive and cut through the rough water easily, creating a smoother and more surfable wake.
In contrast, it will be tough to drive through rough water using other hull types, like rounded bottom or flat hulls.

Boat’s size and weight
The bigger and heavier the wakeboarding boat, the deeper the boat’s hull will sit in the water. A larger boat and heavier boat is difficult to disrupt, and has a more stable center of gravity when compared to a smaller, lighter boat.

Four best wakeboard boats for rough water
Now that you know the features and the types of boat that are great for rough water, here are the best wakeboarding boats for rough water.

Supra SR
In 2017, Supra manufactured one of the best wakeboarding boats for rough water. The Supra SR boat is 21ft in length and can produce incredible wakes due to its deep hull and ability to displace a ton of water.

With Supra’s new Auto Wake system. The boat now uses an inclinometer to adjust the ballast to make the boat perfectly aligned with the pitch and roll presets you choose, even on rough waters.

Moomba Mojo
Moomba Mojo has a length of 23 ft, and a deep, long, and V-shaped hull. The boat can cut easily through any water conditions. The hull is long and sits deep in the water, enabling them to cruise through rough water, creating a massive wave for you to surf.

Tige RZX
While Tige RZX is known for its modern and high-tech user interface and system, the boat’s construction also has some great features for fresh water. With a Convex-V hull and TAPS 3 T trim plates, the Tige RZX can sail through the rough water without any hindrance.

The most exciting part of this wakeboarding boat is Tigé’s industry-first Surf LinkTM Remote. The remote can control the side the wave is on, the shape of the wake, and the height of the wake.

Centurion Enzo
The last wakeboarding boat riders should consider using for rough waters is the Centurion Enzo. The name is inspired by the founder of the most famous sport-car manufacturer – Enzo Ferrari. The Centurion Enzo, inspired by the sports car, is one of the industry’s most balanced wakeboarding boats.

With a top speed of 51 mph, a relatively deep hull featuring an 18-degree transom deadrise, and a delta pad and four strakes, the Centurion Enzo can make a precise wake in any waters

Wakeboarding on rough water needs different specifications when compared to still water, and it is imperative that riders use a wakeboarding boat designed to thrive in rougher waters should they choose to wakesurf on a windy day.

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