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Wanderlust meets purposeful travel with a voice


Marriott Bonvoy partners with The Washington Post Creative Group to identify a new generation of travel storytellers. 

BETHESDA, MD - After more than a year of staying at home, travelers had time to think about how to do a lot of things better - and travel is no exception. The Washington Post Creative Group and Marriott Bonvoy, Marriott International’s award-winning travel program and marketplace, announced the launch of an uplifting new search for underrepresented storytellers who will embark on ‘Regenerative Travel’ trips. Tapping into the latest insights of consumers wanting to leave a place better than they found it, three selected writers will explore a regenerative travel trend that benefits local communities, economies and the environment, in addition to the traveler’s personal wellbeing.

“As we continue to reignite the spirit of travel, we are excited to collaborate with a like-minded brand to invite these storytellers to join the conversation and lead the way of making the world a better place than we found it,” said Brian Povinelli, Senior Vice President, Brand, Loyalty, and Portfolio Marketing, Marriott International. “With thousands of destinations to explore, experiences to discover, and people to meet, Marriott Bonvoy is an immersive and inclusive travel platform, helping expand individuals’ worlds and minds, in ways big and small.”

Povinelli added, “Regenerative travel isn’t just a buzz phrase, but a whole new way of traveling. The ethos of this opportunity is around WP Creative Group and Marriott Bonvoy’s shared belief that the regeneration of travel calls for a new generation of travel storytellers. For those who want to rethink what travel stories we tell and how we tell them, these two powerhouse brands are empowering the next generation of travelers with new tools for compelling, authentic narratives.”

“The Washington Post Creative Group is uniquely positioned to elevate these voices, with a mission to present inclusive, accessible travel coverage to the more than 73 million readers nationwide who come to our site each month,” said Scott Weisenthal, head of The Washington Post Creative Group. “We’re delighted to further this commitment by amplifying underrepresented voices in the travel space and by giving them access to our best-in-class storytelling technologies. We’re even more delighted to do it with Marriott Bonvoy, a brand that shares our purpose-led values.”

Three travelers will be selected and work under the guidance of a dedicated content editor and seasoned journalist. Marriott Bonvoy will enable the travel journey, while the Washington Post Creative Group will provide access to immersive technologies and a team of talented videographers, producers and interactive designers who will help them tell their stories. The chosen storytellers will also be featured in “TripTok,” a special takeover of The Washington Post’s Webby award-winning TikTok channel that reaches nearly one million followers.

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