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Web proxy Thailand: All about the server and its necessity for you


Let's find out why you need a web proxy thailand. 

Want to know more about web proxies? Do you want to use blocked sites without problems and surf the Internet anonymously? If you want to fully encrypt your Internet connection and enjoy all the benefits, let's find out why you need a web proxy thailand.  

What is a Proxy Server
A proxy server is an extra link between you and the Internet. A kind of intermediary that separates a person from the site he is visiting. It creates conditions that make the site think that the proxy is a real person. Just not you. 

Such intermediaries are quite versatile and are used in several scenarios:

  • for privacy. So that sites don't know who exactly is visiting them;
  • to increase security when going online. Basic attacks will be aimed specifically at proxies;
  • it is also needed to access content that exists only in a certain location;
  • to speed up access to some resources on the Internet;
  • and in order to access blocked pages. Sites, messengers and so on.

All due to the fact that the proxy spoofs the IP address and the traffic passes through an additional server, which can be cached data or have additional data protection mechanisms. 

Why do you need a web proxy Thailand server
There are many tasks assigned to proxies. We will now discuss each one in detail.

1. Filtering available resources
A common usage scenario in public networks. With such a server you can monitor the traffic and "filter" it if necessary. It is like a parental control. Only the scale is different. Such a proxy could easily be set up in a large company to keep employees off Twitter while they attend to business. Therefore, when logging into the social network, a warning may pop up, asking them to get on with their work. Or instead the boss will just record all the time on Facebook, and then deduct it from the salary. The situation is about the same with kids. You can limit their freedom online for the time they do their homework, for example. 

2. Speeding up the Internet
Proxy servers can store cached copies of sites. That is, when logging on to a particular site you will get the data exactly from the proxy. Most likely, they will load much faster through the proxy. This happens because the load of a popular site you want to go to will suffer less if a large number of people will go to it through a gateway in the form of a proxy server.

3. Data compression
Also a very practical scenario. It helps noticeably reduce the amount of traffic you spend. Some proxies have tools that compress all requested content before redirecting it to the end user. 

4. Privacy
If there are privacy concerns, you can set up a private or anonymous gateway which will hide all sorts of information about the computer which made the initial request (remove its IP address at least). They are used both by individuals tired of being spied on by advertisers, and by large corporations not willing to put up with spying by competitors, for example. Of course, it is not a panacea, but proxies can solve the most basic privacy problems. It also does not require a lot of resources and time to implement.

5. Security
A proxy can secure not only your privacy but also protect you from real threats like viruses. You can configure the gateway so it will not accept requests from malicious resources. And turn the resulting proxy into a kind of mass "anti-virus" through which all employees of the company can be released without worrying that they will run into any serious threat. Of course, it won't protect users 100%, but it will give a small security boost. And it is expensive, too. Therefore, proxies used specifically for protection are not that rare. 

6. Access to forbidden content
Proxies can also be used to bypass regional bans. This works with both web pages and web applications. You can go to sites that are blocked in your country. Or accidentally blocked by your provider.  

Keep in mind that using a proxy server equals sharing personal data with a third party.  But with Soax you can be sure that everything will be encrypted and kept safe.  

So today, proxy servers are mainly used to hide the true IP address. There may be several reasons for this. The most popular ones are the desire to visit a website, access to which is blocked for your IP, and the need to send email anonymously. 

And despite the increasing popularity of some network protocols, proxy server Thailand continues to prevail in the use of businesses and individuals.

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