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What are the benefits of using a VPN when abroad?


We’re going to outline some of the many benefits of using a VPN when traveling abroad.

Over the last few years, data protection and internet security have become increasingly important, especially when abroad. A virtual private network, or VPN, provides added layers of protection in seeking to counter the threat of cybersecurity breaches on public networks. As unencrypted data on open networks may be accessed with ease, using a VPN has never been more critical.

As a result, we’re going to outline some of the many benefits of using a VPN when traveling abroad.

Bypassing restrictions
Restricted access to popular websites such as Facebook and Twitter is a common issue when traveling abroad. Not only does a VPN increase protection and improve security, but it also assists in accessing digital platforms. Due to local laws, certain countries, including Australia, China, Russia and even the United Kingdom, have restrictions in place. There are several reasons why websites can be blocked, for example, it may be government-imposed or there may be licensing problems.

However, through using a VPN, the blocks placed on websites can be bypassed. Through connecting to a secure server that is located in a different country and masking your IP address, the newly formed connection uses that destination as a way of bypassing existing restrictions. In turn, this allows for continued access to geo-restricted websites.

Counters location-focused targeting
It’s a well-known fact that businesses use our online data to provide targeted adverts across many different sites. For those that are looking to travel, this can lead to a rather costly issue arising. Avoiding price discrimination is one of the bonuses of using a VPN, as travel companies will look to increase the price of transport based on data that they have previously acquired.

With that being said, there are many ways to save money on flights by using a VPN. As the software can hide your browsing history and encrypt your data before others can access it, avoiding location-focused targeting is vital to reducing travel expenses. For instance, through altering the server location of the VPN, upwards of $100 could be saved. Although not every flight shared this price reduction, it does illustrate the effectiveness of VPNs when looking cut costs while traveling.

Securing public WiFi
There are no doubts that public connections are incredibly convenient as they allow access to the internet while on the move. Nevertheless, although they have their benefits, there are no guarantees that they’re safe. Open connections are becoming commonplace in bars, cafes, hotels and more, but there is an element of vulnerability in using their hotspots which no longer renders a VPN as an optional luxury.

Networks such as these make it incredibly easy for online hackers to access your private information through different techniques, including malware injections and WiFi sniffing. However, using a VPN can eliminate such threats. The software sends your internet data through an encrypted tunnel, keeping your sensitive data secure from any unwanted digital onlookers.

Choosing the best VPN is vital
As traveling should be about excitement and exploration, choosing the best VPN can ensure that it stays that way. From bypassing geo-restrictions to cutting costs and securing data, virtual network security is a must-have essential when traveling abroad.

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