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What Brexit might mean for UK travel


In the event of a Brexit it is likely that EU-originating regulations that benefit and protect travelling consumers would need to be replaced with parallel UK-originated regulations to ensure that consumer confidence is maintained.

Harnessing the experience of the ABTA Membership, ABTA and Deloitte have considered what a vote to leave the European Union might mean for UK travel businesses, and the UK travel consumer. No one knows for certain what a post-EU UK would look like, as there is much uncertainty as to what settlement might be reached. It is possible, however, to assess how the existing UK relationship with the EU has affected UK travellers and the UK travel industry, and what would be the likely impact of a “leave” vote on consumer confidence, expectations, and behaviour, as well as on the industry.

This report’s aim is to provide travel businesses and the travel consumer with facts and assessments to help inform the discussion of what a vote to leave the EU might mean for UK travel. This report also contains an appendix of the most pertinent questions that ABTA and Deloitte believe travel businesses should consider in relation to Brexit.

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