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What should I do if I’m injured at a hotel in California?


To receive maximum compensation for your injuries, it’s critical to take certain steps if you are injured in a California hotel.  

Hotels are a massive industry of $29 billion, so it’s no surprise most people stay at hotels frequently for work, play, or family obligations. California has experienced growth for each of the 5 years from 2013 to 2018, and it has a booming hotel industry. However, with the large number of guests it’s no surprise that accidents do happen which result in injury to some guests on the property and make their experience less than ideal. Whether injuries result from slip and falls, swimming pools accidents, food poisoning, burns, bed bugs, or other causes, in California the hotel may be liable for injury due to negligent maintenance of the property and breach of duty to their guests. To receive maximum compensation for your injuries, it’s critical to take certain steps if you are injured in a California hotel. 

Speak to the manager
It’s important you report your accident to management as soon as you can to begin documenting your injuries. If possible, do not leave the scene of the accident until a manager arrives and you have spoken to them. This helps tie your injuries to an accident that caused them. The less time between the accident and you reporting it, the more credible it will likely be. Take down their name, title, their best contact information, and the information of their employer’s insurance company. Ask for a copy of the completed incident report. 

Seek medical attention quickly
Get a medical evaluation and treatment as soon as possible even if you believe you weren’t hurt in the accident. Some injuries may not present symptoms right away but can be extremely harmful or even fatal if untreated. Seeking medical care can help establish the cause and severity of your injuries and help you physically recover fully. Follow treatment plans, appointment schedules, and treatment provider recommendations exactly. 

Identify any witnesses
Eyewitness testimony is critical for most injury claims. Get statements from any family, friends, or independent witnesses who saw your accident occur. Their testimony can be extremely helpful in verifying your claim for personal injuries. 

Gather evidence
To prove your injury occurred at the hotel, you need to document its cause. If possible, take video and photos of the hazard that caused it. Record admissions made by any employees and get contact information for any eyewitness so you and your attorney can both follow up with them later. Keep copies of medical records documenting the extent of your injuries.

Keep records
It’s important that you keep records of the damages you sustained if you want to be full compensated for your injuries. This means keeping records of medical bills, expenses such as medical equipment and prescriptions, and paystubs or other records of lost wages and other damages from the accident. 

Contact an experienced personal injury attorney
To make sure you protect your rights and don’t make any potentially costly missteps that could  harm your legal case for compensation, talk to experienced hotel injury attorneys. A quality injury lawyer can review the facts of your case, your medical records and other evidence in your case to determine whether you might have a valid claim. 

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