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What to expect for the future of travel


The biggest change may very well be: Who will be able to fly.

Before the coronavirus pandemic arrived, the future of travel was bright. In fact, it kept growing at incredible speed, over the ten previous years. But COVID-19 is reshaping the industry and will most probably leave behind many new rules that will need to be followed, whenever we leave our city for tourism purposes. That said there were already changes coming up. Here is a quick look at the situation.

Traveling in Europe: A change on the horizon, for 2023
There is not only COVID-19 that changed the way we travel, over the last decades. Terrorism also modified tourism in a profound way and still continues to do so. Many countries which don’t need a visa to enter the Schengen area will have to ask for an ETIAS, starting late in the year 2022. This simple request form, through electronic means, will enable the EU to look into travellers wanting to come in, to make sure that none of them are a threat to its citizens. These pre-controls will also facilitate the entrance upon arrival into any of the EU countries, for travelers holding an ETIAS visa. For more information, visit etias-visas.com.

Changes to come in air travel in 2021
After a devastating year for the airline and travel industry, changes are about to come and modify these environments, long-term. However, there are still at least two more seasons of turbulence in front of them, before they can start restructuring and creating new strong basis. That is because experts believe that the vaccination process will take at least the first part of the year, before it is sufficient for the pandemic to slowly go away for good.

The biggest change may very well be: Who will be able to fly. In fact, many companies might not survive another few disastrous seasons. If the government doesn’t come to their rescue, airline companies may fold and declare bankruptcy. Those that won’t will still need help in the short-term, just to keep enough cash flow to hold on to their employees.

When we talk about those who will be able to fly, we also mean passengers. There is a lot of talk around a travel passport for those who are vaccinated. However, there are many people around the world that do not wish to be vaccinated. How will this how play out in the end and affect the travel industry? This is still unclear at this point in time, but it definitely will be an important issue when things finally calm down.

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