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What tourists should know about casinos in St. Lucia


In this article, we cover everything related to casinos in Saint Lucia. Keep reading to learn about the local gambling laws and the places where you can gamble at.

Thousands of tourists visit Saint Lucia all year to enjoy a relaxing vacation and tranquility. The island nation fascinates visitors with its beautiful environment and stunning scenery. But what about those who like to gamble for fun? Does the country have what to offer to those visitors?

In this article, we cover everything related to casinos in Saint Lucia. Keep reading to learn about the local gambling laws and the places where you can gamble at. 

St. Lucia's gambling history, laws and regulations
Saint Lucia's gambling history is not as extensive as that of other Caribbean countries. Since 1998, the gaming market in Saint Lucia was only limited to state lotteries, but the 2004 Gaming Control Act changed the narrative about six years later. 

The law was essentially passed to legalized games of chance within the jurisdiction and to allow casino operators to set up land-based establishments. This has led to the establishment of Treasure Bay Casino in 2010. It is St. Lucia’s first and only land-based casino. However, the casino was closed in 2020 and tourists who want to gamble can now do it only via online casinos.  

Online casinos in St. Lucia
There are no local online casino operators, but you can find many foreign casino sites operating in Saint Lucia. For recommendations on the best online casinos in St. Lucia, you can visit www.stlucianow.com. Below you will find tips on how to find a good online casino operator.

Licensing for gambling
If you plan on playing online casino games in Saint Lucia, you first need to check the site’s licensing. Check the certificates issued by separate online gambling regulators to ensure that you choose a safe site. While playing casino games at these establishments, it is strongly advised that you take all necessary precautions to avoid falling victim of fraudsters.

Furthermore, reputable online casinos display a serial code for their licenses at the bottom of their homepage. When you're prepared to start playing at any site, you should always check this code in the issuer's database. If you've double-checked everything and it's all good, you're safe to proceed.

A variety of games
Needless to say, we advise you to conduct an internet search for the best Saint Lucia casinos. Playing the well-designed slots of created by Playtech, NetEnt, and other well-known studios will offer a thrilling experience at safe establishments. These games are available at both land-based and online casinos.

You may also try your luck with free Saint Lucian slots, which are accessible at a variety of reliable gambling sites.

Customer service
To remain competitive, Saint Lucia casino are committed to maintaining VIP customer services. Almost all Saint Lucia casinos offer their customers the option of providing feedback via any convenient means, including hotlines, messengers, and chats that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Others offer personal consultation services to assist VIP clientele who have been playing online casinos in Saint Lucia for a long time.

Bonus terms and conditions apply
All leading casinos offer generous and lucrative promotional bonuses to both new and regular players. However, for you to make the most of these promos, you will need to understand the attached bonus terms. 

Reputable casinos in Saint Lucia will not hide the terms and conditions of receiving bonus winnings or make them incompatible with the game's regulations. These casinos aim to highlight these terms and conditions in a distinct section on their websites.

Payout mechanism that is simple to use
Every player wants to know that their funds are secure. The highest-paying casinos in Saint Lucia accept a variety of payment methods, including PayPal, MasterCard, and Rezgo. Online casinos that accept players from Saint Lucia are always looking for new ways to keep their customers' money safe.

Predictions for St. Lucia's future of casino gambling
As the island continues to attract more tourists, we are witnessing a rise in the number of casino operators setting up business within this jurisdiction. This means high competition, which translates to augmented gambling experience for player as operators try to remain competitive. 

With so many options at your disposal, you should take your time to figure out the best casino for all your gambling needs. I bet that you are visiting St. Luciana to have a good moment.

As a result, it’s advisable that you enroll with a casino that offers premium services from customer reception, to a diverse game collection and unparallel cuisines. 

You, as a gamer, have nothing to be concerned about. You can safely play and enjoy your gambling session if you choose the right casino. Best of luck!

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