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What's sparked the rise in multi-generational holidays?


Over the years, multi-generational holidays have become a fashionable choice of getaway for families across the UK and beyond. 

Family holidays make for great bonding opportunities, but that's no secret, is it? From the moment you step off the plane, all those petty arguments back home pale into insignificance when the prospects of sandy beaches and swimming pools lie ahead. Now multi-generational holidays are on the rise, it's clear that children, their parents and grandparents have cottoned onto such benefits and have taken to strengthening the branches of their family trees overseas. Here's why they're doing so...

Celebrating big occasions
What better way to blow out the candles on a birthday cake than with a balmy Mediterranean sea breeze? Many families (quite naturally) want to commemorate occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and other celebrations with a few weeks of sun, sea and all out luxury. A recent press release from the holiday provider Saga claims that 23% of families who have all holidayed together said it was to mark such an occasion. Interests may vary between generations, but there's one sure-fire way to bridge any gap and that's all the fun that getaways like these entail. 

Sharing child responsibilities 
Going away with young children makes for a whole bundle of memories which you'll always treasure, but it doesn't come without its burdens. After all, you can hardly go out and experience a destination's finest bars and dine in its most lavish restaurants when you're constantly on kid-duties. Sharing child responsibilities was cited by 12% of those surveyed as a reason for taking a multi-generational getaway. Think of it this way - rather than unloading mischievous children on someone else, you're actually ensuring that no-one misses out on experiencing their top-tier holiday entertainment, right? 

Saving money 
7% of those who were surveyed by Saga Travel Insurance also said that they holidayed as a whole family because it was cheaper. That way, families can spend less on catering, splitting costs on food and eating in from time to time, leaving more to spend on a destination's attractions and returning home with slightly fatter wallets than usual. 

Quality bonding time 
Last but not least, a significant majority (75%) of those surveyed, said that they travelled as a family so they could spend time together. Getting away from the daily grind and going somewhere new is good for the soul, regardless of what stage you're at in life. Picture relaxing on a beach complete with all three generations in your family. The kids are getting to spend treasured time with their grandparents, and not only that, they'll get to spend more time with you! 

Over the years, multi-generational holidays have become a fashionable choice of getaway for families across the UK and beyond. Although there may be disagreements over the course of your time away - not everyone can be expected to enjoy the exact same cuisine and activities, after all - the happy memories shared will always outweigh the bad. Whether in a villa, B&B or an all-inclusive hotel, holidays abroad set the stage for all age groups to strengthen relationships and above all, have fun. 

Based on Saga recent survey, provided by Caliber marketing agency.

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