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Wheel the World Dismantles Travel Barriers with Tech


Wheel the World, the travel booking company for travelers with disabilities, is breaking barriers in the travel industry with its Accessibility Mapping System (AMS), an innovative technology solution that crowdsources and aggregates accessible travel experiences, destinations and accommodations. Through Wheel the World’s user-friendly interface, AMS matches travel experiences compatible with users’ unique travel aspirations and accessibility needs. Wheel the World “mappers” use AMS to record real-time information on more than 200 data points, such as wheelchair accessibility, inclusive staff training, transportation logistics, braille signage availability, ramp access, adaptive equipment requirements, bed height, room measurements and more. From these data points, Wheel the World has compiled almost 1,000 up-to-date accessibility listings with the help of over 200 mappers for 125 destinations across 27 countries. 

Hotel and rental properties, tour operators and attractions may also submit their accessibility information via the website or mobile app to become Wheel the World Certified Partners. Already the most comprehensive database of its kind, mappers around the world continue to collect and submit accessible travel information via AMS. Wheel the World is expanding to connect the more than one billion people with disabilities around the world with unforgettable travel experiences. Wheel the World is catching the eye of both the travel and tech industries. The Accessibility Mapping System was a finalist for the 2022 South by Southwest Innovation Awards, and the company was named one of the most innovative in travel in 2022 by Fast Company. 

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