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Where to stay in La Fortuna, Costa Rica


As you begin to check out the options for lodgings, remember that hotels are not your only option. Here are some suggestions of where to stay, along with a little information about each one.

You’re planning to enjoy your next holiday in La Fortuna de San Carlos and that means making plans for lodgings in advance. While that’s a good idea any time of year, it’s especially important if you plan on going during the dry season. From December to April, quite a few tourists make their way to Cost Rica, making it difficult to find a place to lay your head at night. 

As you begin to check out the options for lodgings, remember that hotels are not your only option. Many people enjoy the atmosphere and relaxed pace found in hostels. Here are some suggestions of where to stay, along with a little information about each one. 

Selina La Fortuna
Guests who choose to stay at the Selina La Fortuna often return a second and third time. That’s because this hostel offers a variety of accommodations that other facilities find hard to match. 

Conveniently located near La Fortuna Waterfall and the Volcán Arenal National Park, you have plenty of options here. For those who are looking for basic accommodations, the dorms are ideal. The mixed-gender spaces offer free Wi-Fi, shared bathrooms, lockers, and beds with individual lights. You also have a private locker where you can store your belongings with ease. Don’t worry about having to bring along your own bed linens. At this hostel, they are supplied for you. Rest assured they will be crisp and clean. 

If dorms are not to your liking, consider the idea of staying in a tepee. More expansive than simple tents, this option provides the opportunity to enjoy privacy while still socializing with those who are also staying in this type of outdoor setting. Many people enjoy the facts that the tepees are constructed on wooden platforms and thatched designs that make the spaces feel cozy.

Those who opt for the tepees have full access to showers and other bathroom facilities. One of the pluses for the showers is that they are more open than some people may expect. If you like the idea of enjoying the view of the countryside while refreshing yourself before breakfast, this is the only way to go. 

There are also private rooms and suites to enjoy. Those come with shared or private bathrooms, access to shared kitchens, and sitting areas in some of the units. All of them offer plenty of natural light and views of the grounds and surrounding areas. 

Make use of the outdoor pool, the laundry service, and the lounge when you like. There are also yoga classes and other options for exercise if you like to stay in shape. As a friendly and laid back place, it’s hard to top the Selina La Fortuna. 

Hotel Secreto La Fortuna
If beautiful gardens and fantastic views of the mountains are to your liking, the Hotel Secreto La Fortuna is worth considering. With all of the modern conveniences that anyone could want, the Hotel is located close to the Arenal Volcano National Park. Everything is laid out so that you have access to the view from just about every area of the grounds. 

The grounds sport some of the most beautiful gardens in the area. Guests will find it easy to lose track of the time as they stroll around and take in the rich flora that’s carefully cultivated and maintained. Whether you go during the rainy season or the dry one, the gardens are sure to amaze you. 

The rooms offer settings that are tastefully decorated. One of the features many guests enjoy is the floor to ceiling windows that let in plenty of natural light and make the view even nicer. There are patios that provide the ideal place to sit outside and lounge. There’s also a pool that guests may enjoy well into the evening. 

You’ll have access to Wi-Fi as well as televisions with plenty to watch if you’re in the mood for a quiet evening in. Valuables can be stored in safes so they are always easy to access if you need them. Simplicity does dominate the theme for each room, but the clean lines and ample windows make the place both cozy and expansive at the same time. 

Arenal Backpackers Resort
Located near the La Fortuna Waterfall and the Arenal Natura Ecological Park, the Arenal Backpackers Resort offers several options for lodgings. Those traveling in groups will find that the dorms may be a perfect fit. Designed to accommodate 8 guests, each of the dorms come with private lockers, bunk beds, and private bathrooms. Each of the dorms are designated for those who prefer mixed-gender settings or females who prefer to lodge with other females. 

If a private room is more to your liking, it’s possible to go with a single room that includes a shared or private bath. Some of the rooms are designed for use by up to four occupants at a time. 

Do you like the idea of sleeping in a tent? Those are also available here. You’ll find that the tents are large enough to comfortably accommodate up to three people. To go along with the tents, you also have access to bathing facilities. 

All guests can enjoy an outdoor pool that’s equipped with a swim-up bar, a restaurant offering something for each meal, and a garden with comfortable hammocks for napping. There’s an open-air lounge that includes a large television. As a place to return to after a day of seeing the local sites, this is a hostel well worth considering. 

Hotel Mountain Paradise
For a change of pace, the Hotel Mountain Paradise is worth considering. Located near the Kalambu Hot Springs and the Arenal Volcano, the surrounding grounds contain some of the best examples of flora found in Costa Rica. With all of the amenities that come with an upscale hotel, you may be surprised at how relaxed and warm the setting happens to be. 

The Colonial style suites include free access to Wi-Fi, flat screen televisions, coffeemakers and kettles for tea. Each of the suites are designed with comfort in mind, including beds that make it easy to nod off and linens that combine a lack of pretension with luxury. If you have children under the age of four, they get to stay for free. 

Make the most of the outdoor hot tub and pool. You have access to free parking as well as complementary breakfasts for the duration of the stay. There’s also a spa if you need some pampering or would like to work out a bit. 

What sort of lodging would be perfect for your stay in la Fortuna? Check into each of these and compare the amenities and features. It won’t take long to find something that’s just what you had in mind.

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