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Where to stay in New York? Here are the best neighborhoods and hotels


Here we will be discussing all the top-rated stay options in New York for a comfortable stay that you can experience.

In the busiest city of New York, people often get confused over which hotel to book and for what reasons. A city like New York has raised its economy greatly by just enhancing the tourism and facilities for tourists. They have a number of great American Hotels and other stay options that they keep updating in terms of all the latest facilities.

Here we will be discussing all the top-rated stay options in New York for a comfortable stay that you can experience.

History of New York
The history of New York goes way far back in time to the time of 10,000 BC. This city was invaded and ruled by many emperors and civilizations and hence has been through a lot to finally become what it is today.

New York was discovered in the year 1524 by an Italian named Giovanni da Verrazzano 1524. In the year 1664, this piece of land was named New York by England after the Duke of York and Albany, the brother of King Charles II.

The start of the 18th Century was most prominent for recognizing New York as a developing major trading port in thirteen colonies. Following that time till date, New York has progressed in the economy, infrastructure, business, media and whatnot.

Your checklist for New York
When visiting New York, there are a number of places which attract the tourists towards them. However, in a city like New York, its not possible to cover all the spots in a duration of few days or months. So, to narrow the list down, you need to focus on the most memorable spots to make the most out of your trip to New York, including the ones listed below:

1. NYC Battery Park, Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty
The most iconic statue that makes New York a place of maximum tourist influx, the Statue of Liberty is the one thing which you should take a tour to as soon as you land. Here you can visit the beautiful Ellis Island and roam around Battery Park along with a tour guide who will narrate the history to you.

2. National Lighthouse Museum
If you wish to enjoy a historic touch of America and other cultures, this top is surely a must for you.

3. Madame Tussauds NY
Not everyone gets a chance to capture a moment with their favorite celebrities in real life. Here at Madame Tussauds, you can meet the statue versions of all your favorite idols under one roof and get them captured to cherish later.

4. Empire State Building
One of the most iconic and sky-high buildings of New York is a landmark that every tourist wants to visit for appreciating this man-made beauty of architecture and excellence.

5. Spirit of New York Dinner Cruise
Take a ride through the water to witness the beauty of New York and enjoy the night dinner on this cruise to end your day with a great note.

Popular staying options in New York
In New York, you will mostly find a chain of luxury 5-star hotels ready to cater tourists in the months of maximum influx and throughout the year as well. Other than the New York NY hotels, you can find yourself a lodge for a more comfortable and luxurious stay.

Best luxury hotels in New York
If you are looking for something great as an overall package for your stay at a New York NY Hotel, then the descriptions below are going to help you in choosing the best one for you.

1. Arlo NoMad
This hotel is rated No. 1 in the best hotel value category out of 900 accommodations in New York. They provide their customers with free Wi-Fi, restaurant facilities, room service and a lot more. You also get the facility of free cancellation after booking your room, in case it is not needed anymore.

2. Park Central Hotel
This place ranks No. 2 in the best hotel value category out of 900 American hotels available in New York. They provide Bar lounge amenities, fitness center, free Wi-Fi, room service and a lot more to make your trip worthwhile. Also, you can cancel your booking for free if need be and they offer reservations with payment on arrival service as well which is a limited-time offer.

3. Stewart Hotel
This hotel has made its place to the No. 3 ranking out of 900 other New York NY Hotels for being the best value. They serve free Wi-Fi and restaurant facilities along with other luxury amenities as well. You can easily cancel your reservation as well if needed and that too for free. They also offer the same reservation with payment on arrival option as well like the one above.

4. Arlo SoHo
Ranking No. 4 out of 900 other New York NY hotels for best option to stay at, this hotel has proven the standards of care. They offer free Wi-Fi, a restaurant and many other facilities that you would wish to enjoy on your trip. They also offer the amazing free cancellation service for your feasibility.

5. Artezen Hotel
They hold the 5th position in 900 American hotel accommodations of New York for providing the best value of staying. They offer free Wi-Fi, Room service and a lot more facilities to make your stay the most memorable one. They also keep their policies flexible by offering free cancellation of your reservations.

6. Hampton Inn Manhattan
This American hotel holds 6th place out of 900 others for giving the best-staying comfort in New York. They also provide free Wi-Fi, a fitness center and a lot of other facilities to make your services better while staying here. They also allow their customer to cancel a reservation with getting a full refund, making the cancellation absolutely free.

When you land in New York, you might not get enough time to think about your staying options then and there. It's better to book your stay beforehand and be prepared about what you require at your stay which will help you pick out the best option among New York NY hotels.

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