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Which wellness markets were pandemic winners and losers?


New research report answers the big questions on the post-pandemic wellness economy. Which markets were the biggest winners and losers? Which are poised for the fastest growth?

The Global Wellness Institute’s new report, The Global Wellness Economy: Looking Beyond Covid, provides new market size numbers and analysis for every wellness market–from healthy food to fitness to mental wellness to wellness tourism. For each market it provides pre-pandemic, pandemic, and estimated future market data; rich regional and national numbers; all while outlining the big shifts that will impact each sector post-COVID.  

It’s simply packed with information: from how Asia is now the biggest wellness market ($1.5 trillion) to how North Americans spend the most annually on wellness–at $3,567.  

The Big Picture: Huge Growth Ahead 
With the pandemic ushering in a major consumer “values reset”–where prevention and wellness take on far greater importance–the GWI predicts that the wellness economy will grow an impressive 10% annually through 2025, when the market will hit $7 trillion. This graph charting growth through 2025 says it all. 

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