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Whitepod Eco-luxury Hotel announces partnership with chaute horlogerie manufacture, Audemars Piguet


Since 2004, the Whitepod Eco-luxury Hotel concept has focused on hospitality that combines luxury and sustainability. True to its desire to satisfy and surprise, the hotel brand has developed a concept where guests experience weightlessness, out of time: the Timeless Suite by Audemars Piguet. By designing this suite, Audemars Piguet brings to life its meticuous and sharp design that has made the brand famous since 1875 in the form of a beautifully designed sensory bubble. Whitepod and Audemars Piguet celebrate a union of heart and reason around common values: the desire to transmit a memorable experience, the demand for quality, and the desire to please.

At the edge of the forest and overlooking the valley on the heights of Monthey (Valais), the Whitepod Eco-luxury Hotel’s Timeless Suite by Audemars Piguet sits in the heart of breathtaking nature. The designers, winners of a competition initiated by Audemars Piguet, Bénédicte Meynet and Singal Depéry-Moesch, have grasped the importance of "melting" the bubble into the surrounding nature. Thus, they collaborated with local artisans, and favored natural, local materials. The new suite harmoniously blends Whitepod’s signature softness and tranquility with Audemars Piguet’s uncompromising character to create a cocoon that engages all the senses. Upon entering the bubble, guests are greeted by the smell of Swiss pine that emanates from the wood utilized within the design, and they can feel the contrasting textures of the fluffly wool carpet and organic concrete. An impressive collecton of teas offers guests a taste of relaxation, and guests can choose their own nature-inspired soundtrack including birds, stream, or wind to help unwind. Each sound is associated with lights that pulse in rhythm cycles for a meditation in tune with nature. The experience continues outdoors with a terrace and a private Nordic bath.

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