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Who is Sam Chui?


He is a famous influencer in the aviation and airline world, having flown with over 180 aircraft types and 240 airlines!

There are many successful influencers in the online world, some of them with impressive careers and remarkable achievements. One of them is Sam Chui – the so-called Godfather of Aviation Geekdom. He is a famous influencer in the aviation and airline world, having flown with over 180 aircraft types and 240 airlines! That is something hard to imagine for us regular people. Apart from Antarctica, Sam Chui has visited every continent in the world. Boeing 747 has always been his favorite aircraft, with which he has flown over 350 times.

Early childhood
Sam Chui was born in Beijing, China, on November 7th, 1980. His family moved to Hong Kong when he was a small child, and Chui spent most of his childhood near the Kai Tak Airport observing different types of airplanes. The love of aviation and planes grew, and Chui knew that it would become part of his life. 

At 17, Chui moved to Sydney, Australia, where he finished his high school and university education. Then, he moved again to the UAE in 2011, and he married the love of his life Amy, with whom he has one son and one daughter. 

Being an aviation influencer
What makes Sam Chui a unique person is that he is flying over two hundred airlines, from best to worst. He flies all kinds of aircraft, and so far, he has been on over two thousand flights and traveled three million miles in the air. Chui now is an elite member of the loyalty program of the US United Airlines, keep racking up some fantastic stats. The following are some of his extraordinary achievements:

• Flew with British Airways Supersonic Concorde from New York City to London in three hours
• Flew with Antonov Airlines AN-22 Antei
• He flew with the first A380 flight with Singapore Airlines in Suite Class
• Did solo flying with Sling 2 in three different traffic patterns
• Took several private jet travels
• Celebrated his 40th birthday in style by flying a round trip with Emirates A380 from Dubai to Cairo and back. 

Aviation passion
Sam Chui has a personal website and a YouTube channel to express his passion for aircraft and flying. He has nearly three million subscribers, and his popularity keeps growing. Chui is very famous and popular but keeps a humble profile and gets in touch with almost everyone. He always makes group photos with his flight crew and also helps in serving meals on planes. 

Sam Chui’s wealth
A significant portion of Sam Chui wealth comes from finance working in Dubai. He also sells photos and books on his website and has a pretty hefty revenue stream on YouTube. His famous book Air 747: Experiencing the Passion: Boeing Jumbo Jet, Aviation Photos, and Flight Experiences sell pretty well, and Sam Chui is also a devoted travel vlogger. All of that adds up, and now his net worth is estimated at $3 million. That is the life of the aviator Sam Chui, a unique person with a strong passion for flying.

Photo credit: https://samchui.com/

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