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Why are dash cams becoming so popular?


By now it should be evident that Dash Cams are becoming popular not because they are the trend in the now, but because of the positive surge in their technological usability and functionality.

There’s a new trend on the rise which has been becoming extremely popular thanks to functionality, security and life-saving features it provides. I am talking about none other than the Smart DashCam. A small, high-tech camera that sits quietly on your vehicle and records all the happenings that befall your trip on a small memory stick. When the first-ever model was introduced, it didn't carry all the new useful features which are the main reason for the huge surge in its popularity nowadays. GPS navigation and locater, G-sensors, looping technology, Automated SOS, Alexa Voice Command and of course, the high-resolution camera are the reasons why you must be seeing them mounted on almost every vehicle passing you by.

Let me convince you why you should also get yourself one of these today!

Automated emergency SOS
Going for a solo ride is something we all enjoy but what happens if you are passing through a rural zone, with no other car or witnesses around you and you get caught up in a health emergency or an accident that renders you incapable of dialing anyone for help?! You can't make the call due to the unfortunate incident and no one will call for you because there's no one around. A small and insignificant situation, in this case, can quickly escalate to a life-threatening one. This is one of the main reasons why people are now equipping their automobiles with a Dash Cam. If the same scenario occurs to an individual whose motor vehicle is accompanied by a smart dash cam, then if the individual fell into a health-related emergency, sensing the unusual activities of the driver, the device will send a must-reply notification to the panel screen and when the driver fails to respond to it, nearby emergency services as well as the emergency contacts will be automatically notified. And in case of an accident, the G-sensors would have measured the seriousness of the accident and accordingly trigger the same reaction. This immediate protocol makes sure that the appropriate help arrives on time.

Capturing & reporting reckless drivers
People who don't respect the traffic rules and drive rashly are always around on the around. Not only do they endanger their own lives, but also the lives of everyone present in their vicinity making this a dangerous act. You can help police officers reduce the number of reckless drivers on the road and teach them a valuable lesson. Best part is, you don't have to do anything, all the work will be done by the driver himself and your very own Dash Cam. All you have to do is make sure that your car is properly trailing the individual and present the officer with the video evidence of the driver breaking many if not all the traffic rules. Your work there is done and the neighborhood is a little safer now thanks to you.

Freedom from the hassle of fraudulent claims
If you have never been a victim of a fraudulent insurance or accident claim then you won’t be able to comprehend the feeling, stress and financial problems an individual faces when he/she becomes the target of this scam. Trust me, you should take every precaution to defend yourself beforehand and nowadays the best strategy to completely reverse the tables on these scam artists is by having a Dash Cam on you at all times. Even if they trap you in a well-planned and executed insurance fraud, you will have solid evidence in the form of video footage to fight them off and completely negate their false claims without having to waste your time and a single penny. Trust me, this small and reasonably priced gadget will save you thousands of dollars and countless hours.

Keep an eye on your teens
If you are a parent then you can understand when I say that your worries never end, especially when your kids hit their teenhood and take out the family car on a ride for the very first time, unsupervised. No mother or father can stop thinking that their kid might become tempted by their friends and end up driving recklessly which could result in something horrendous. This is why Dash Cams are also becoming increasingly popular with parents. Well, why wouldn't it? Using it, they can keep a close eye on the driving behavior and especially the speed at all times, making sure that their child doesn't cross a line. This real-time supervision grants the parents the peace of mind which they very much need.

Video footage evidence
Sometimes you get caught in a car crash and the fault was completely of the other driver involved but unfortunately the other person is dishonest and there aren't any witnesses around to testify for you. Basically, it becomes your word against his, making a scenario a stalemate where you were completely innocent. Now you need to take time out of your busy schedule to defend yourself in court for an accident you didn't cause. To make sure that this unfair situation never befalls you, the simplest and the most effective solution is getting yourself a Dash Cam and recording all of the events that led up to this problematic situation. Now you have solid evidence to present in the court in the form of video footage of the whole accident, pulling you out of them jam almost instantly.

All in all…
By now it should be evident that Dash Cams are becoming popular not because they are the trend in the now, but because of the positive surge in their technological usability and functionality. They provide state-of-the-art security and protection that effortlessly solves simple situations that otherwise could cost you a lot of resources that you could have put to better use. 

Photo by Ben Collins on Unsplash

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