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Why Millennials are giving party holidays the cold shoulder


Group tour operator Topdeck Travel finds out exactly what this generation are looking for from their next trip abroad.


We hear all the time that Millennials are increasingly turning their backs on traditional party destinations like Zante, Magaluf and Kavos – but why?

 The rise of multi-destination trips
Why visit one destination when you can visit two? With the rise of low-cost airlines and improved travel connections between destinations, travel savvy millennials can now work through their bucket lists in half the time. A survey from Topdeck uncovered that multi-destination trips are the most popular type of holiday for 84 per cent of young Britons.

Death of the party holiday
Historically, a week of sun, sea and drunken debauchery has been a rite of passage for students after finishing their exams. However, with the rise of social media, young adults are now acutely aware of the image they need to project to their followers – but also prospective employers. Only 36 per cent of 18-35 year olds stated that they enjoy party holidays, compared to 71 per cent who prefer ultra-Instagrammable city breaks – highlighting the shift in the travel choices of this generation.

Preference towards activities
The social currency among friends of boasting about their latest escapades in unknown, hard to reach areas of the world has overtaken the conventional ‘fly and flop’ holidays. With over two-thirds of 18-35 year olds claiming that they spend most of their money when travelling on activities and experiences, Millennials are looking to show off where they’ve been and portray themselves as being well-travelled and cultural. Yoga retreats and cooking holidays are just some of the activities that young Britons are choosing to immerse themselves in.

Hostels and quirky accommodation are leading the way
Hostels have the benefit of lower costs (meaning more spending money for those all-important activities) and increased opportunities to meet like-minded travellers. Young Britons are most likely to stay in hostels during their travels – choosing accommodation that’s pocket-friendly but also full of quirky designs and stunning aesthetics. These alternative surroundings are usually uber-snappable too, meaning that Millennials can instantly show off their experience on social media – and the more unique the stay, the more likes they’ll get.

Alternative destinations
While Spain and Italy remain firm favourites for young Britons wishing to unwind and relax, alternative destinations are gaining popularity among young adults in the UK. Millennials are swapping party hotspots for more authentic experiences. Acknowledging this trend, Topdeck offers trips to off-the-beaten-track locations like Jordan, South Africa, and India. “Authentic travel experiences are often discovered beyond the typical tourist hotspots,” says Charles Knowlton, the General Manager of Topdeck.

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