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Why relying on a villa rental company for a holiday in Puglia, Italy


Choosing to rent a private villa during the covid period can be one of the best options to spend your next vacation in a safe, fun, and comfortable way. The “Trulli Valley” in Puglia (Southern Italy) offers a very wide range of choices for this type of accommodation, in a unique setting in the world.

Are you planning your next vacation and, after a long wait, do you want to play it safe and choose a charming destination, a private villa and a safe and reliable rental company? In this case, in our opinion you should consider Puglia, the “Heel of Italy”. This region (in particular the Trulli Valley) boasts a beautiful landscape made of olive trees, dry stone walls, historic farms, charming villages, beaches with crystal clear water, an enviable food and wine culture and a wide choice of characteristic and luxurious villas. In short, the perfect combination of exclusivity, safety, relax; with the option, for those who wish, to open up to the countless experiences that the territory offers to the visitor.

If you decide to be consider this opportunity, our advice is to contact a reliable and professional rental company, such as Puglia Paradise, leading villa rental company in Puglia e world-wide #1 top trusted rental company on TRUSPILOT.

Let's see in detail the reasons for relying on villa rental companies to book and organize your holiday in Puglia:

1) Carefully hand-picked villas. Some companies, such as the mentioned Puglia Paradise, choose to manage a small number of villas but with very specific characteristics, thus adopting a very scrupulous selection and choose villas which must satisfy a considerable series of requirements. This allows guests to guarantee absolute privacy, unique style and character, beautiful decorations, comfort and an excellent level of maintenance.

2) Covid-19 safety actions. Rental companies are certainly better organized than private individuals for the implementation of anti-Covid actions such as: employees’ health and safety trainings, disinfection before guests’ arrival to the villa and after guests’ departure, cleaning and disinfection of linen, towels and non-washable fabrics, etc.

3) Personal concierge service. Most villa rental and management agencies make personal concierges available to guests: this is often the added value of the holiday experience as, in addition to welcoming guests and providing them with all the information about the villa, they are ready to give advice on things to see and do, on where to eat, on local markets, and much more. Furthermore, in case of technical problems at the villa, they can be reached 24 hours a day and will endeavour to solve them as soon as possible.

4) Avoid unpleasant surprises: renting a villa through a professional company could be a little more expensive than renting it directly from a private individual, but also much safer. And when there are large amounts at stake, it is definitely worth it.

5) Live the best experiences. When you are going to organize an experience during your holiday, you are often faced with a truly impressive offer and it is not easy to juggle and understand which provider can make you live a truly authentic experience. This is where the agency's knowledge of the territory comes into play. It will be able to advise you or even organize for you the experience that best suits your needs. Puglia Paradise has a list of proposed experiences, from which its guests can draw inspiration to enrich their holiday.

6) Reliable and professional add-on services. Whether you need to rent a car or a bicycle, a transfer, an additional cleaning service, or anything else, it is definitely very convenient to have someone who can organize it for you in the most efficient and professional way. So even in this case it is certainly appropriate relying on a villa rental company for your holiday in Puglia.

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