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Why we can not deny the suitability of autonomous vehicles in the coming years


Here are a few significant reasons that justify the suitability of autonomous vehicles.

Gone are the days when autonomous vehicles used to be a distant dream; when children used to write “commuting in a self-driven car” as a part of their “dream world.” Autonomous vehicles are very close to becoming a reality in the current world, with trials happening — and succeeding — daily, at a surprising rate. 

No doubt, there are still a few years when these vehicles will come to a state of normalcy. But, there is no reason to deny that they will change the ways of mobility of the general public, only for the better. Here are a few significant reasons that justify the suitability of autonomous vehicles:

Needless to mention, self-driven cars are another name for comfort. While going on a family outing, you will not have to worry about driving for long and suffering from an achy shoulder and neck the next day. Driving is considered a big task by some people, and autonomous cars are going to be a blessing for them. Even those for whom driving is easy can enjoy the drive and the ride without fussing about driving.

Increased independence
Many people are not able to drive well, no matter how much they try or practice. They are just not able to drive well. Also, some people cannot drive, because of various reasons such as disabilities, etcetera. And thus, they have to either depend on someone who would drive them to a place, or depend on public transportation. Self-driving vehicles will make it possible for these people to commute easily and independently.

Reduced accidents
There is an endless list of reasons when it comes to road accidents. Overspeeding, drunken driving, distraction to the driver — mainly in the form of mobile phones —, avoiding safety gears, not adhering to lanes while on road, etcetera. The point is that the top, prevailing cause for accidents is a fault on the part of the drivers. However, although efforts are being made to improve the behavior of the drivers, the problem can never be fully eradicated. The best solution to this is autonomous vehicles.  

Ease in parking
Even the people who are good at driving cars sometimes find it difficult to park their vehicles. Since self-driven cars do everything from driving to parking, they need not stress about this aspect. These cars are capable of parking in even very congested and complex areas, all thanks to modern technology.

Reduced traffic congestions
Autonomous vehicles are equipped with various modern technologies like AI, real-time tracking, sensor, security and cameras, and lidar technology for autonomous vehicles. These technologies enable the vehicle to maintain uniform distances from the other vehicles on the road. Maintaining a safe and consistent distance helps in avoiding unnecessary stops, stops often lead to road congestion. So, this problem is very well solved by self-driven vehicles.

Helping the environment
A lot of greenhouse gasses are released from vehicles, especially CO2; greenhouse gasses are responsible for a lot of things that deteriorate the environment. The problem is further aggravated when a vehicle is unnecessarily started and stopped. When these autonomous vehicles can sense and automate the starts and stops, reducing the unnecessary ones, it will result in lesser emissions, and thus the environment is exposed to a little less of these harmful gasses.

The world is changing, every aspect of it is changing. Be it the evolution of enormous computers into pocket-size mobile phones, or the box-shaped TVs into sleek screens, technology is changing every day, making impossible things possible. So is the evolution of vehicles, and the day is not far away when all manually-driven vehicles will be replaced by self-driven ones.

Photo by julientromeur from Pixabay

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