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WiziShop: The French solution is now available on the international market


What can you expect to receive from a WiziShop subscription?

For years, WiziShop has been a go-to resource that ecommerce business owners have entrusted to support online functionality and growth. WiziShop is an SaaS platform that delivers a reliable ecommerce solution for new and established businesses. This solution has been offered in France since 2008, and it is now available on a larger scale to international markets. What can you expect to receive from a WiziShop subscription?

An all-in-one ecommerce solution
This unique system is designed to cover all of the bases while taking all of the technical matters out of the equation. WiziShop is a subscription service that integrates all of the features and functions that a successful ecommerce store needs into an easy-to-use platform. Its features range from website design to conversion rate improvement to SEO optimization without the need to buy plug-ins and add-ons. By doing so, this all-in-one solution is able to meet the varied needs of both ecommerce novices and experts.

Streamlined integration for turnkey results
Taking advantage of WiziShop’s wide range of features is easy to do. Simply use SEO-enhanced templates and themes to customize your website and to create winning product pages. Select from more than 400 features, including those supporting loyalty programs, discount codes, coupons and more, to optimize your customers’ buying experience. WiziShop can help you to create an efficient online store that fosters a higher conversion rate without the hassle of a do-it-yourself approach.

SEO features that produce results
Whether you're located in the United States, across the Atlantic, or far beyond, you can benefit from a technically optimized site right from the start. The technical aspects of SEO are addressed natively through WiziShop, including AMP format, structured data, pagination and more. For ecommerce business owners who are more experienced with SEO, optimizations covering SEO tags, robots.txt files, log analysis and more are included.

Your source for digital marketing education
Uniquely, WiziShop does more than help its merchants create and manage optimized websites. It offers a robust selection of support and education tools. These tools enable you to grow your knowledge base in related topics while also running a successful ecommerce store. Specifically, tailored business coaching, live webinars, a blog and video training modules are offered to merchants.

Customized support through business coaching
WiziShop’s many features and services are offered in a variety of languages to serve both domestic and international merchants fully. Each WiziShop subscription includes access to business coaches who are able to assist with strategic design and marketing planning, technical insights and more. Through this powerful level of live support, WiziShop is able to offer expert-level advice to merchants so that they can expand their knowledge and grow their online business to new heights.

Learn-as-you-go video training
Whether a merchant needs detailed help on one aspect of ecommerce website design and digital marketing or the merchant wants a thorough education that covers all of the bases, WiziShop makes that easy to do through a series of video modules. With several hours of modules to learn from and additional videos available via YouTube, merchants can enhance their websites through topics like website design, product page design, copywriting and much more. Likewise, knowledge of digital marketing can be enhanced through videos covering SEO, social media marketing, Google Ads and more in full detail.

Experience WiziShop with a free trial
Both launching and running an ecommerce store are challenging prospects that require deep knowledge of website design, sales, marketing, and other technical concepts such as SEO and copywriting. You can experience the difference that WiziShop can make to your business for free. WiziShop offers a 15-Day free trial for anyone to try. Are you ready to explore WiziShop’s exceptional features and streamlined platform?

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