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World Cup guide - How to watch football matches live


More than a million fans are expected to flock to a country with less than three million population.

The World Cup in Qatar has begun, and the talk about the tournament is already burning in every corner of the world. The game all fans have been waiting for has arrived, and millions of fans are already getting ready for the four-yearly revelry. According to The Sporting News, more than a million fans are expected to flock to a country with less than three million population.

While watching football at the World Cup will be surrounded by crazy fans, the thought of being able to confront your idol is the most precious thing. Compared to sitting in front of the TV or watching a game on your phone, the atmosphere is unforgettable.

If you plan to go to a live event and experience the local atmosphere, in addition to preparing a sufficient budget, you should also know some tips and rules to ensure a smooth event and avoid unnecessary trouble.

Know about transportation
Spectators must apply for a Hayya Card if they plan to watch a World Cup match live. The Hayya Card is a fan ID that is required to enter Qatar during the tournament and watch the match. The card will also provide free public transport on game days. If you are traveling to Qatar between 1 November 2022 and 23 January 2023, you must have an approved Hayya Card, regardless of whether you intend to attend a World Cup match or not.

Spectators should also register as early as possible to avoid delays. Currently, only those with a ticket to the event can register for a Hayya Card. As such, spectators should check the FIFA website for ticket information and purchase match tickets only from official suppliers. Tickets purchased unofficially will not be accepted on the day of the match.

Book your accommodation in advance
If you wish to attend the 2022 World Cup, you must arrange your accommodation before traveling to Qatar. Accommodation bookings for the World Cup will be different from current times. Accommodation listings during the tournament can be viewed on FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Accommodation Agency, but you can also order outside of this platform. 

Accommodation verification is required to complete the Hayya Card application process if you plan to stay in Qatar for more than 24 hours. In addition, an approved Hayya Card is required to enter the country. For those planning to stay in Qatar with friends or family during the tournament, homeowners must register their accommodation on the Hayya portal.

Buy insurance
Spectators must take out appropriate travel insurance before traveling to Qatar for the match. What you need to know is that the standard of emergency medical care in Qatar is very high, but it is usually quite expensive. Even routine treatments are expensive for tourists. More information about Qatar's health regulations can be found on the Qatari Ministry of Health website, including the regulations for bringing into the country prescription and over-the-counter drugs prescribed by doctors. In the meantime, information about the entry restrictions and requirements for Qatar related to COVID-19 can be found on the official website.

Respect local laws and customs
Before traveling to Qatar, you should fully understand and respect local laws and customs. Qatar is an Islamic state. You should always respect local traditions, customs, laws, and religions, and take care of your actions to ensure they are not offensive, especially during Ramadan or if you plan to visit religious sites. You should dress appropriately in public, including when driving. Women should cover their shoulders and avoid short skirts. Men and women are advised not to wear shorts or sleeveless tops when visiting government buildings, medical facilities, or shopping malls. If you are not dressed modestly, you may be asked to leave or denied entry to these locations.

Find a place to buy beer
Alcohol will be banned in and around Doha's football stadium during the World Cup. Neither beer nor wine is allowed in the stadium, so don't think twice about watching the stars play while drinking beer. So where else can you get a drink?

Alcohol is allowed in some fan areas, but there are many restrictions, such as the FIFA fan festival in central Doha's Al Bidda Park, though the hours are also limited and it is not allowed to open until after 6:30 pm. In addition, some licensed bars and restaurants can also sell alcohol to tourists. To accommodate the local culture, the alcohol sold is also hidden, such as wine is called "grape drink".

However, it should be noted that visitors who are allowed to drink alcohol should be at least 21 years old, and it is best to carry relevant documents with them at all times to face random police checks. Don't even think about bringing a bottle of wine into Doha. It will be confiscated as "contraband" at the airport.

Buy jerseys of your favorite team
Shirt retailers point out that fans often buy jerseys with players' names and numbers on them to show their support, with World Cup favorites proving popular. In addition, jersey design can also affect sales. Nike, Adidas, and PUMA were the only major brands to furnish the kits for 26 teams. England, Argentina, Germany, and Brazil are currently the most popular jerseys in the region, according to some retailers. Natalie Warb, a financial expert from an online coupon site CouponBirds, said that with this likely to be the last World Cup for many stars, many fans are keen to buy shirts. If you have a lot of shirts and other gear to buy, you can do it on Black Friday to cut your cost. Once you've purchased your favorite player's jersey, go watch the game. The most photographed scenes of the World Cup are not the players competing on the pitch, but the fans wearing the costumes of their favorite stars, watching the match, and shouting for their favorite teams!

Don't forget other necessary gear
Needless to say, every football fan has a national team they support and love, and what is the better way to cheer up a rookie than to hold the team's flag and shout for them? The same goes for national banners, posters, etc. Cheering caps, whistles, bells, and other tools are essential, too. Remember to pack snacks and water, because a game can go on for a long time and you'll be screaming your lungs out.

The Qatar World Cup is an excellent event for millions of football players and fans. It's time to go out there and cheer for the sport you love and the teams and stars you support. But don't forget to follow local laws and regulations, watch the game in a civilized manner, obey the staff, and share these great and memorable moments with others in a friendly manner.

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