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WTM London partners with World Food Travel Association

World’s leader in food tourism will share expertise with this year’s event delegates in London.

WTM London and the World Food Travel Association (WFTA), the world’s leading authority on food and drink tourism, have partnered to bring the Association’s food travel expertise to this year’s show delegates.

“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to bring food travel education to WTM. Food and drink have become a critical focus for most travellers,” shared WFTA Executive Director Erik Wolf. “There is a lot that businesses and destinations everywhere can be doing to leverage food and drink as tools for economic development. Food and drink should be the foundation of all tourism development.”

WTM London, Senior Exhibition Director, Simon Press agreed, “WTM has focused on food tourism in the past, but never to this degree,” said Press. “Interest in food tourism keeps increasing every year making it an ever-important topic for the travel industry”.

At the event, Erik Wolf will deliver two sessions. Session 1 will be Food & Drink Travel: The Hidden Harvest, an entertaining and engaging classic that introduces the food tourism industry and its benefits, as well as the demographics and psychographics of food travellers (hint: food travellers are not necessarily who you think they are!) In Session 2, delegates will hear about New Trends in Food & Drink Travel. The formal food tourism industry was founded in 2003, and a lot has changed since then. Consumer interest in food and drink is at an all-time high.

Attendees will learn how to leverage those trends for a business or destination. Wolf will share these insights and more.
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