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Xotels and Busy Rooms announce partnership to build Revenue Management Dashboard

Easy-to-use information that hotels and hostels need on a daily basis to make smart revenue management decisions quick, easy and efficient.

BARCELONA - Busy Rooms and Xotels announced a strategic partnership that has built a state of the art revenue management dashboard. The solution will provide hoteliers with unique management information and serves as a revenue management platform to optimize hotel performance. Available for sales immediately it will serve any lodging establishment across the globe.

The revenue management dashboard, called Hotel Scienz, is an intuitive platform which provides complete and renewed insight into consumer demand for any size hotel or hostel property. The solution is multi-property capable and can therefore also be used in hotel groups.

The cloud based dashboard is based on both in-house and external data. It shows crucial information about property sales indicators and demand trends as well as  strategic insights and detailed overviews of revenue management performance, analysis and action items:
  • Key performance indicators with insight for owners, general managers, staff departments and other property stakeholders.
  • Day by day demand, pick-up and revenue insight for any property
  • Pick-up information by market segment and sales or distribution channels
  • Competitor rate shops
  • Group and transient demand management tools
  • Event calendars
  • Past, current and future performance, compared to budgets.
  • Algorithms combine all data and provide forecasts and actionable yield information.
Easy-to-use information that hotels and hostels need on a daily basis to make smart revenue management decisions quick, easy and efficient.

Remko West from Xotels says: "Our growing management portfolio and our non-stop search for continuously improving technology has led us to the conclusion that the best way forward was to find a partner that wanted to work with us and build a technology that matches our drive for perfection in revenue management.

We wanted to use our best practices to build a tool that creates easy insight in revenue management for stakeholders and makes revenue management decisions more efficient.

Too many systems use only a part of the data that influence demand, or offer data in formats that are hard to understand, and hard to use for revenue managers.

In addition we found reporting and communication tools not to be adapted to the people in a hotel organization that should not have the develop knowledge to understand how their property is performing. Future trends should be easy to understand for all stakeholders, and this is exactly what we have focused on.

Busy Rooms has the technology platform and development skills that allow for perfect integration of a performant revenue management dashboard."

Sascha Hausmann from Busy Rooms adds: "After years of managing large technology companies we’ve seen that there’s still a significant technology gap in the market. Too often operational circumstances lead to pricing decisions, which directly affect property performance. We are looking to make a shift towards a data driven decision process. Hotels should use better technology that provides smart and easy to read data which finally creates the insight hoteliers should have always had. With a good view on demand, we are finally enabling property and revenue managers to make the right decision and action immediately".

Xotels has a decade of unique experience in revenue management across the globe, and their knowledge is the perfect match to build this solution that integrates into our full sales and distribution service platform.

Bahamas Go, operator of 1-800-Bahamas, relies on Busy Rooms hospitality solutions
Also, announced a new partnership with Bahamas Go, a hotel marketing company and travel site that makes finding and booking travel between the Bahama Islands quick and easy. Bahamas Go will, going forward, also operate the call center for 1-800-Bahamas on Busy Rooms newly released call center application.

With Busy Rooms central reservation solutions the company’s website will now be able to provide dynamic packaging of international flights (as well as previously existing local flights) with the company’s hotel partner products. Additionally, Bahamas Go will take advantage of the built in Channel Manager facilitating hassle free distribution of their hotel inventory to other online travel agencies.

“Busy Rooms presents a total solution with all the tools we need to effectively sell rooms for our clients. They have more functionality and value than the competition” says Adlai Kerr, COO of Bahamas Go.

Casey Davy, Vice President Americas Busy Rooms said; “We are happy to have Bahamas Go on board and we look forward to a great adventure as we continue to expand our presence in the Americas.”

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