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Zoox Smart Data appoints Sandy James as Director of Business Development


Established IT and hospitality expert to spearhead market expansion aimed at providing North American organizations with disruptive smart data and guest behavior analytics.

ALPHARETTA, GA - Zoox Smart Data, an international provider of technological solutions that easily harnesses big data to build and monetize customer profiles from existing Wi-Fi networks, announced the appointment of Sandy James as Director of Business Development. James' primary objective is to accelerate Zoox' commercial growth in North America and to achieve a leading presence in the region as the go-to provider for guest behavior analysis that the company currently enjoys throughout Latin America and parts of Europe. She will work closely with hotel brands and travel organizations in advocating the value of the Zoox Smart Data and Zoox Media solutions, providing them with access to industry-proven tools capable of instantly identifying the specific preferences of each guest and matching them to available hotel offerings to ensure maximum satisfaction and revenue-earning potential. 

Over the span of her career, James has obtained a diverse set of skills by serving in several notable roles, including a position as Business and Systems Analyst with Wells Fargo. James joined Zoox in September after eight years as a Service Management Manager with Radisson Hotel Group. Through her previous experience, James developed in-depth expertise in leading teams to research and develop new technologies, as well as providing organizations with effective marketing strategies that resonate with key industry players.

"I have always been attracted to innovative companies that have a demonstrated ability to push a hotelier's understanding of guest needs one step further, and I'm very excited to now count myself among the growing Zoox global team," said James. "I look forward to bringing the North American market up-to-speed in how compiling consumer data via existing Wi-Fi, facial recognition, and API platforms can equip hotels with the intelligence-driven strategies they need to provide each guest with the ultimate in service personalization. With Zoox, the only thing limiting your ability to truly understand your guests and deliver an experience that offers maximum satisfaction and profitability is your imagination!"

Capable of integrating seamlessly with a hotel's existing technology infrastructure, Zoox offers the opportunity to tap into a wide-ranging wealth of demographic and psychographic data on each customer. Once a guest opts into the service, a customer profile is automatically generated and continuously refreshed every time that the guest connects to one of the many thousands of Zoox-enabled hotspots located around the world. James will therefore be able to provide North American hoteliers and travel companies with up-to-date access on guest metrics such as marital status, income level, occupation and much more to monetize Wi-Fi networks with highly targeted promotions that precisely match individual preferences and expectations. 

"Sandy brings a unique perspective to Zoox, while sharing our goal of creating a travel and hospitality industry that is tailored to the unique needs of guests and passengers, driving greater revenue to hotel brands and travel companies as a result," said David Tyre, VP of Business Development - North America for Zoox. "Her hands-on experience and active role in industry research and best technology practice creation will bring immediate benefit to the Zoox team and our customers."

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