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10 best European countries for EV road trips, new study reveals

Netherlands is the best country for EV compatibility.

As the summer heat brings on exciting holiday plans, road-trips to fun new places are a must. As electric vehicles (EVs) become more popular amongst drivers, many owners are looking to make the greener journey without worries of range anxiety. But which country is home to the best charging infrastructure?

By evaluating a variety of EV compatibility factors such as infrastructure and charging costs, created a points-based index system to award each European country an EV compatibility score out of 10. Ultimately uncovering the country with the best EV charging infrastructure.

The results:

Netherlands is the best country for EV compatibility
With an EV compatibility score of 8.23 out of 10, can reveal that the Netherlands is the best country for EV drivers. On average, there are 24.15 charging stations per 10km2, the highest of all countries analysed and 256.3% more than Luxembourg ranking second in this category (6.87 stations per 10km2). Not only so, but annual charging costs are predicted to be €184.59 per year, amongst the lowest of all countries analysed.

Following in second is Croatia, with charging infrastructure in the country scoring 7.66 out of 10. For every 1.47 EVs on the road there is one charging station, meaning Croatia has the best charging station to EV ratio of all 32 European countries analysed. Costing almost a quarter (20.3%) less than the Netherlands (€184.59), annual charging costs are predicted to be €231.75. Slovakia and Latvia rank joint third with an EV combability score of 7.26 out of 10. When it comes to the number of charging stations, Slovakia offers 0.28 per 10km2 – three times more than Latvia with 0.07 per 10km2. However, Latvia comes out ahead for fast charging, with 0.7% of all stations offering high-speed charging compared to Slovakia’s 0.04%. Annual charging costs in Latvia (€202.17) are also 15.9% less a year than Slovakia (€240.36).

Luxembourg and Switzerland rank tenth
The Alpine countries rank joint tenth, sharing an EV compatibility score of 5.32 out of 10. EV owners in Luxembourg enjoy 6.78 charging stations for every 10km2 across the country, 244.2% more than Switzerland (1.97 charging stations per 10km2). On average, there is one charging point for every 10.73 cars in Switzerland, that is double the number of cars sharing in Luxembourg (5.09). However, Switzerland’s annual charging costs are €377.26, 3.6% less than Luxembourg (€391.37).

Why switch to an electric vehicle?
If you're thinking about becoming an EV owner, EV charging expert Ben Gallizzi offers some pointers:
– “Check your local EV infrastructure. Unfortunately, as our index proves, not all areas are made equal when it comes to charging stations. Ease charging anxiety with our EV charging points map as well as more information on home EV charging port installation.
– Compare electric vehicles to find the right car for you! Don’t believe the hype – you’ll be shocked at the deals you’ll be able to find.
– Research EV-specific insurance and buying incentives. The UK government offers a £2,500 plug-in grant to anyone buying an electric vehicle as well as no road tax and Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

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