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3Sixty relaunches

Users now interact with 3Sixty as a marketplace, accessible to any member of the public. 3Sixty’s HomeMatch technology works hard behind the scenes of every 3Sixty search, leveraging machine learning and human expertise to curate the best results for each unique company, individual, and trip.

SEATTLE, WA – Reside, the leading provider of professionally operated and managed global alternative accommodations, today reveals its new concept 3Sixty marketplace, with significant additions to its functionality and a complete brand refresh.

3Sixty was originally launched in 2017 as a cloud-based booking platform designed as an end-to-end solution for the diverse needs of Reside clients. The platform aggregated a vast global network of more than one million accommodations options in 60 countries to solve complex housing requirements – with strict vetting protocols – for Fortune 500 corporate travelers, relocation management companies, and travel administrators. 

Following an incredibly successful year for 3Sixty – which grew existing client revenue by 43 percent and new client revenue by 32 percent in 2021 – the team began working on a new version of the platform, which officially launches today.

The 3Sixty marketplace
Users now interact with 3Sixty as a marketplace, accessible to any member of the public. 3Sixty’s HomeMatch technology works hard behind the scenes of every 3Sixty search, leveraging machine learning and human expertise to curate the best results for each unique company, individual, and trip. The technology removes the need for exhausting back-and-forth comparisons of housing features, compliance, and pricing. 

A branded 3Sixty marketplace enables companies booking travel at scale to provide their employees with greater choice during the process. After launching the first phase of our site (the supplier experience) the client experience will roll out by the end of 2022 and provide the best options that meet an organization's travel or relocation policies when using a customized profile. This gives employers control and oversight of their travel program without any added work.

Lee Curtis, CEO of 3Sixty, said: "The scale, speed, and compliance offered by 3Sixty are therefore incredibly valuable for busy corporate travel buyers: on average, our Fortune 100 clients book a minimum 90,000 nights a month across 50 different countries. Our case studies have also shown that 3Sixty provides the average corporate client around 25-35 percent cost savings."

To reflect its rapidly expanding footprint in EMEA and APAC, 3Sixty is now multicurrency and multilingual. 

Enhanced vetting
3Sixty distinguishes itself from other employee accommodation solutions with the high value it places on duty of care. Built-in APIs with various services and partners deliver a strict vetting process that means every employee has the same great experience every time they book.

A new partnership with Dun & Bradstreet Risk Analytics enables the 3Sixty supply chain to be swept weekly to identify red flags on safety, security, financial health, and business practices. These red flags are escalated to a member of the 3Sixty team to action. 

Every property also receives a real-time safety score through 3Sixty’s API integration with partner GeoSure. This data – which includes information on COVID-19, women’s safety, health & medical alerts, risk of physical harm, LGBTQ safety, daytime/nighttime safety, theft, and political freedom – is available to guests through an app or smartwatch. 

One-stop solutions for guests, companies, & suppliers
Unlike other platforms that don’t aggregate booking history and financials, 3Sixty brings disparate data together to create a single hub, the Data Warehouse, for metrics and reporting. Companies, travel buyers, and suppliers can create detailed custom reports with geographical, financial, and partner insights all in one place to help them make smarter decisions about their businesses. Power BI Analytics are also embedded into each customer and supplier profile.

Guests can also store all of their travel information, such as flight details or other documents, within the 3Sixty platform. 3Sixty continuously tracks and notifies employees of any pertinent information to review, reference, or share along with the details pertaining to their stay, creating ease and peace of mind. The system provides helpful template checklists so users feel supported and prepared at each stage of their experience. 

Lee Curtis said: "The adoption of technology in this industry has moved at a rapid pace over the past couple of years and is partly what made our 3Sixty product so successful. We’ve taken the essence of the platform and set it to work at a much faster pace while collecting and sharing much more information – but not comprising our approach to duty of care, which has always set us apart in the industry. We’re delighted to reveal these major updates today and then work towards our next goal: expanding and diversifying our supply of accommodation."

Robyn Joliat, CTO of 3Sixty, said: "Our development team set out to create a digitized, intuitive user experience with the new 3Sixty. We started by ultimately considering the front-end experience and have now added a huge amount of functionality to the platform, which will drive benefits for our clients, suppliers, and guests. 3Sixty really delivers the complete ‘360’ package to users: maximized choice, maximum flexibility, optimized spend, and a quality experience."

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