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A change of heart: Generation Z have changed future plans in the wake of COVID-19

72% of young Britons have had to make changes to their life plans over the next 12 months due to the pandemic, with a fifth now opting to take a career break. Over half (53%) of 18-25-year olds have struggled to look after their mental wellbeing throughout lockdown.

LONDON – With the upcoming academic year still in limbo, the aftermath of the chaos caused by A Level results and the job market now more challenging that it was 12 months ago, a new study from Topdeck Travel reveals that young Britons are questioning what’s next and making considered changes to their future plans.

Top 5 stress contributors for 18-25-year olds during lockdown

  • Struggling to look after mental health and wellbeing (53%)
  • Not being able to see people (52%)
  • Finances (39%)
  • Struggling to stay fit and healthy (38%)
  • My education (32%)

The findings paint a picture of a more anxiety-ridden generation than in previous years – with 32% of young adults opting to make changes to their current study plans and 18% putting off plans to plunge into a new career venture to take time out from work.

Furthermore, the pandemic has taken its toll on the mental wellbeing of young Brits with 53% saying they have struggled to look after their mental health in lockdown. The survey found that top of the list of stress contributors for the young are finances (39%) and education (32%).

The research has been commissioned by youth travel provider Topdeck Travel to find out more about the impact the pandemic has made to young people’s travel plans. According to the findings, going on holiday and enjoying the perks of travel is an important part of switching off from the events of the last few months with 35% stating this as the most important factor when it comes to booking a holiday. However, 45% of Gen Z reported that they were worried about not being able to travel and explore the world due to the ever-changing restrictions.

It’s clear that new travel experiences and adventures will boost the wellbeing of today’s young Brits – with one in four 18-25 year olds (25%) saying that being outside as much as possible is important to them, while 28% seek meaningful and authentic travel experiences, and 23% hope to experience a different culture to what they’ve been used to.

Charles Knowlton, Global General Manager at Topdeck Travel commented: "The global pandemic has undoubtedly taken it’s toll on young people. Many are having to change their life plans and have been struggling to look after their mental wellbeing over these last few months. There seems to be a focus on self-improvement amongst the Gen Z, who are taking a step back from careers and making changes to study plans to hone their passions and develop skills during these unprecedented times.

Young people are keen to explore the world again and authentic travel experiences play an important role in liberating them from the rules of normal life and providing them with the much-needed release they require. Young Brits need travel plans to look forward to in order to boost their mental wellbeing and switch off from the events that have unfolded over the past months.

At Topdeck we want to do everything we can to make sure our travellers are kept as safe as possible when they are ready to travel again. Group touring offers a hassle-free approach to travel, developed to allow travellers to get under the skin of an unknown destination, and are led by experienced trip leaders who ensure the tours provide seamless experiences for all.

We’ve been reviewing our operations to ensure we can adapt and operate our trips safely when we get back on the road. We know that these are uncertain times and that restrictions are changing so we’re also providing increased flexibility for all new bookings made.”

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