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A fifth of UK cruisers only go on cruise holidays research found out that a fifth of UK cruisers only go on cruise holidays, with the majority claiming that cruises are the best ‘value for money’ holiday. 

New research from an independent online cruise travel agency found out that one in ten UK cruisers never look back and only go on cruise holiday, with the majority claiming that cruises are the best ‘value for money’ holiday.

In a bid to discover more about the holiday habits of customers, an independent online cruise travel agency decided to investigate what other holidays those who’ve been on cruise holidays tend to go on. polled 1,175 UK cruisers across the UK who have been on a cruise in the last 24 months. The respondents were asked to specify what kind of holiday they go for when they are not on a cruise.

Just over a quarter of the respondents, 27%, stated usually going on a ‘land-based beach holiday’ when they are not cruising whilst over a third, 37%, claimed going ‘skiing’. 15% cited having several ‘long weekend’ in the UK during the rest of the year.

Just over a fifth of respondents, 21%, claimed they only went on ‘cruise holidays’.

The respondents who admitted only going on cruise holidays were then asked to specify why they choose to do so. The majority of the respondents, 37%, claimed that cruise holidays were the best ‘value for money’ whilst under a quarter, 23%, stated that cruises were the best option to visit several places with minimum ‘transport disruption’.

A further 26% mentioned the fact that they thought visiting a variety of countries while cruising was ‘more exciting’ than the average land-based holiday.

42% of the respondents that admitted to only going on cruise holidays stated that they went on cruising holidays ‘twice a year’ whilst just under a fifth, 19%, stated cruising ‘at least three times’ per year.

Steph Curtin, Cruise Development Manager of, had the following to say: “This is actually really nice to see people choosing to go exclusively on cruise holidays because they enjoy themselves; I guess it’s like people going back to the same destination every year. At the end of the day, whatever type of holiday you prefer, you just need to find the one that suit you the best and you enjoy the most.”

She continued: “What people like the most about cruising is probably the fact that it gives you the opportunity to discover a variety of countries without the hassle of constantly travelling or changing hotels. The ship takes you from your starting port to all the other destinations on your itinerary, with no stress or constant re-packing, and the freedom to enjoy excursions ashore at your own leisure. With all the activities offered on board, it’s something you can never get bored of, day or night. ”

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