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Luxor to turn into open universal museum

Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Soliman, Minister of Housing and Urban Communities, yesterday okayed the general planning of…

Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Soliman, Minister of Housing and Urban Communities, yesterday okayed the general planning of Luxor in the framework of the total city development project till 2022.

The project aims at turning Luxor into an open world museum as well as assimilating the expected population increase. This is in addition to maintaining and developing monumental sites, safeguarding environment and enhancing cultivable lands.

While reviewing the general planning of Luxor with the attendance of Al-Sayed Al-Desouqi Al-Banna, Head of the Supreme Council of Luxor, Soliman said that the total development project of Luxor comes in cooperation with the UN Development Program (UNDP) and the Supreme Council of Luxor.

Soliman also confirmed the importance of the popular participation in carrying out the project. This is to develop Luxor, elevate the living standard of its citizens, provide basic services and infrastructure, determine new development areas and improve slums conditions.

The Minister also indicated that this enterprise includes a number of main projects such as restoring the Rams Road and turning Luxor into a live and open heritage museum. Besides, the plan involves establishing a tourist resort that would contain 4500 rooms in addition to reclaiming 25,000 feddan.

Soliman also added that the strategy of the urban development of Luxor depends on the rehabilitation of tourist areas. Also, it focuses on Luxor Corniche, maintaining monuments, halting slums propagation, making use of the cultivated lands and promoting the urban structure.

As to the general planning of Luxor, there would be established fixed surroundings to the monumental area. In addition, the Rams Road occupancies would be removed. Besides, the arena of Al-Karnak entrance is to be rebuilt and to set up tourist services and activities on the sidelines of the Rams Road.

He also said that the planning includes dividing Luxor into three residential quarters: north of Al-Karnak, east of the railway and south of Luxor city. Moreover, restructuring and developing these areas are to absorb 80,000 persons in addition to providing 100,00 new job opportunities.