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Africa’s Best Safari Country 2017 is Tanzania

Female lion with cub in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania (© attribution:

Tanzania is Africa’s top country for a safari. A comprehensive analysis based on more than 2,500 expert and safari-goer reviews has declared Tanzania the 2017 winner of best country for an African safari.

Online marketplace for African safari tours conducted an analysis to determine Africa’s best country to embark on a safari. After sifting through more than 2,500 reviews written by safari goers and African travel experts alike, Tanzania was declared the overall winner. It is Africa’s leading country for a safari.

This is the second time that Tanzania has swept away challenges from other sub-Saharan African nations to be awarded the best country for a safaris. Back in 2013 conducted the same analysis with Tanzania also coming out the overall winner at that time.

Zambia also polled well in our analysis. It was the undisputed number one country for a bush experience for both experts and safari- goers. Zambia was very popular with safari-goers generally who also rated it the top country for birding.

In a further breakdown of the review-analysis, Tanzania was also declared the best country overall for wildlife, while Namibia and Kenya were the overall winners in the scenic beauty and bird categories respectively.

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