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Airlines should provide easier access to NDC for OTAs and TMCs, says DRCT

From left to right, DRCT co-founders: Dmitry Ianishevskyi, Artem Kilmiashkin, Oleg Skliarenko, Viktor Nekrylov.

Distribution tech firm outlines five steps airlines can take to enhance NDC sales

DRCT, the travel tech innovator, is calling on airlines to strengthen their ties with smaller OTAs and TMCs to drive adoption of New Distribution Capability (NDC) across the travel industry.

Dmitry Ianishevskyi, Co-Founder and Director at DRCT, says: “Today, we’re calling on airlines to take action, making access to NDC content easier without additional expenses for sellers. For too long, smaller travel agencies and travel management companies have found the integration of NDC into their sales costly and complicated. This neglects a significant part of the market, who could enhance an airline’s fare distribution strategy and make it actually work.

DRCT believes there is still fundamental friction between NDC and GDS platforms and is calling on airlines to cancel the incentives received via GDS, so sellers will not be willing to use them.

DRCT is outlining five steps airlines can take to enhance NDC sales:

  • Prioritise developers — providing sandbox environments and efficient support to tackle issues with current products and learn from feedback
  • Make API documentation and the flow of the certification process public, so aggregators can quickly start providing sellers with needed NDC content
  • Switch on NDC for as many TMCs and OTAs as possible by making contract signings non-binding and the generation of credentials automatic, ensuring content can be sold without barriers
  • Offer incentives so the costs to distribute NDC content are not passed back to travel sellers
  • Provide exclusive fares and ancillaries via NDC, giving those sellers a financial advantage to cover the costs of changing business processes.

Ianishevskyi adds: “It’s time to remove the barriers NDC has faced since the standard was launched. We believe that airlines, OTAs and TMCs need to launch a dialogue so these sellers are not left behind.”

DRCT is a travel technology provider and IATA-certified New Distribution Capability (NDC) aggregator. Trusted by more than 25 major airlines worldwide, DRCT develops tailored AI-powered tech solutions allowing airlines to benefit from cost-effective distribution. DRCT’s products provide convenient access to NDC fares for every type of travel seller and can be used in conjunction with existing distribution systems. Besides its tech-savvy solutions, DRCT also stands out for the lowest-priced distribution solution on the market that meets the needs of even the smallest travel agencies.

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