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Americans are willing to travel anywhere this summer: last minute travel up 400%

Nassau, Bahamas

After two years stuck at home, Americans are itching to get back out and explore the world, as many international borders open once again.

Skyscanner wanted to see just how strong the urge to travel is right now. They dug into data from Google Trends to find out: are Americans ready to travel again? What are the most spontaneous cities in the U.S.? And just how inexpensive is international travel in 2022? 

Americans are willing to travel "anywhere" – interest in spontaneous travel skyrockets in June 2022. Searches for "cheap flights anywhere" are up 400% as the urge to travel hits Americans this summer without any destination in mind. Americans are literally willing to book a flight anywhere just to get out and about.  

They also found that search interest in "Cheap Flights June 2022" is up an astounding 3,800% as Americans seek to cure their travel itch this month. Whether looking for a cheap, easy trip for sometime this month or being extra adventurous and booking a same-day flight, it's safe to say that the desire to travel again is there for millions. 

And the most spontaneous city in America goes to…
Spontaneous travel may be up in general, but some cities stand out for having the most travelers looking for flights. But just where are these spontaneous travelers located? 

Top 5 Most Spontaneous Cities In America

  • Detroit, MI – "last minute flights from Detroit to anywhere" is up 800% 
  • Seattle, WA – "flights from Seattle to anywhere" is up 767% 
  • Atlanta, GA – "cheap international flights from Atlanta to anywhere" is up 600%
  • Chicago, IL – "flights from Chicago to anywhere" is up 433%
  • New York City, NY – "flights anywhere from NYC" is up 400%."

Those in Detriot are looking to make the most of their summer by traveling last-minute anywhere possible. Those from Atlanta are looking the most for spontaneous international journeys. 

Here are the best budget-friendly international destinations to cure your travel itch 
If you've looked at flights recently, you'll know that the prices are not always easy on the wallet. Even with rising flight prices, it's still possible to book a flight to a dreamy destination for under $200 roundtrip.

According to Skyscanner, here are five cheap international destinations:

From New York (JFK) this month (as of 5/31) 

  1. Toronto, Canada – From $140rt
  2. San Jose, Costa Rica – From $258rt
  3. Bogota, Colombia – From $279rt
  4. Grand Cayman Island – From $280rt
  5. Providenciales (Turks and Caicos) – From $283rt

From Miami (MIA) this month (as of 5/31)  

  1. Guatemala City – From $127rt
  2. Cancun, MX – From $127rt
  3. San Salvador – From $162rt
  4. Sint Marteen – From $170rt
  5. Montego Bay – From $181rt

From Los Angeles (LAX) this month (as of 5/31)  

  1. San Jose (Cabo) – From $173rt
  2. Guadalajara, MX – From $216rt
  3. Vancouver, Canada – From $224rt
  4. San Jose, Costa Rica – From $343rt
  5. Santo Domingo – From $371rt

Post pandemic, not only has travel bounced back in general, but Americans are experiencing the urge to get out there as soon as possible – spontaneous travel is trending now more than ever, with searches for "How to book a same day flight" up 200%.

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