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The leading GSA and flight support company in the region

OAG names Airmark as Regional Partner in Turkey

OAG has named Airmark as its regional representative in Turkey. Airmark provides a "one-stop-shop" solution of travel distribution services for airlines and travel companies operating into and within Turkey, and is the leading GSA and flight support company in the region.

Airmark’s operational expertise covers all areas of aviation including airline passenger sales, air cargo, aircraft charter, flight support, and travel services. As OAG’s GSA Airmark will familiarize the region with our wide range of travel products.

"We are delighted to partner with Airmark; their operational expertise in all areas of aviation highly complements OAG’s high quality of aviation intelligence products, and provides us with a strong local base in which to grow our products in Turkey," said Stephen Bray, Executive Vice President, OAG Aviation.

"OAG has grown to be a full service provider of all types of data, analysis and products related to commercial and operational requirements for airlines, airports and any company in need of aviation data," said Eric Willems, Director of Travel Services, Airmark. "This ‘one-stop-shop’ concept fits very well with Airmark’s vision and experience, and we are extremely proud to have been selected as OAG’s General Sales Agent for travel-related products in Turkey."